The Islamic State Is Running Out of Time in Somalia
The Islamic State wants to spread its influence wherever it can, and propaganda efforts aimed at the Somali insurgent group — and longtime Al Qaeda affiliate — Al Shabab have resulted in both high and low-level defections. Yet the Syria and Iraq-based terrorist army has failed to outbid Al Qaeda... Read more
In Africa, Cheap and Deadly Rocket Launchers Find a Niche
The Multiple Launch Rocket System, or MLRS, is a staple of African arsenals. Its availability, ease-of-use, and low price tag have resulted in widespread proliferation throughout the continent. Tactically, the MLRS has several advantages, performing practical yet rudimentary battlefield support roles. Unlike “tube” artillery, an MLRS can fire as fast as one... Read more
Sudan Plays Both Sides of the Saudi-Iranian Cold War
It’s a fool’s game to look for anything consistent about Sudan’s foreign relations. The country’s president, Omar Al Bashir, has supported the military aims of both Saudi Arabia and Iran, whose arch-rivalry has gained increasing intensity as Sunni-Shia sectarian violence rises in the Middle East. In 2013, Chinese shoulder-fired rocket launchers... Read more
How the CIA Set the Stage for Egyptian Strongmen to Last
In Egyptian politics, the army is king, or more precisely, kingmaker. The Muslim Brotherhood’s failure to account for this role led to its 2013 undoing, in which the military played its familiar political part, ousting Pres. Mohammed Morsi in favor of its own Fatah Abdel El Sisi, a general. In... Read more
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