Poland getting 32 new F-35s after DoD approves $6.5 billion sale
The U.S. State Department has given Lockheed-Martin the green light to sell 32 brand-new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to Poland as part of a $6.5 billion order. The sale comes as no surprise to many, as post-Cold War Poland has consistently proven itself to be a reliable ally of... Read more
New firepower headed to the Pacific, USS Gabrielle Giffords sets sail for Thailand
A U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship has been equipped with a new strike missile deployed to the Pacific Ocean last week. The USS Gabrielle Giffords departed from San Diego yesterday, hauling the Naval Strike Missile and the MQ-8C Fire Scout drone. Utilizing the drones, the Giffords can destroy over-the-horizon... Read more
Children born on Sept. 11th, 2001 now old enough to continue the War on Terror
Eighteen years have passed since the beginning of the War on Terror- and now people born on September 11, 2001, are old enough to fight in a conflict that has been going on since the day they came into the world. Spurred into a gallop by the attacks at... Read more
Poland using Russian tech to create new tank destroyer vehicle
How do you fight your greatest enemy in the most trolling way possible? Use their own technology as a way to destroy them. The Polish military is doing just that, by equipping an ex-Soviet BMP armored personnel carrier chassis with enough Brimstone missiles to knock out entire tank units... Read more
Intelligence Official: U.S. not prepared to defend against hybrid warfare, a favorite of Russia and China
Senior intelligence officials are warning the U.S. military that it should adapt to dealing with hybrid warfare- a personal favorite 21st Century strategy of adversaries such as Russia and China. Army Lt. Gen. Karen Gibson, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for National Security Partnerships, discussed the matter earlier... Read more
Poland asks U.S. for more missiles and C-130 planes to ward off Russia
Poland has requested a stockpile of American-made weaponry, including the venerable C-130 transport and Javelin anti-tank missiles. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has requested five C-130H Hercules transports in addition to the FGM-148 Javelin, sending two letters of request to the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Poland hopes to... Read more
Afghanistan draw down: 5,000 troops could return home if Taliban peace deal is signed
The U.S. may withdraw more than 5,400 troops from Afghanistan over the next twenty weeks, provided the Taliban agrees to a deal with the American government. The deal was discussed in detail with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday, though final approval will rest with U.S. President Donald J.... Read more
Special Forces throws uniforms back to the 1960’s, wears “Tiger Stripe” camouflage during training exercise
Operators with the U.S. Army’s 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) were showing their stripes in a fantastic way during a recent training exercise with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), wearing a mix of modern Multicam and Vietnam-era “Tiger Stripe” camouflage. The throwback threads were spotted while NCOs from... Read more
Report: Cyber war raging between U.S. & Iran as countries jostle for control of Persian Gulf
While there may not be a formal shooting match between the U.S. and Iran, a very real -and very destructive- cyber war is raging between the two nations. A recent report indicates that an Iranian paramilitary database was wiped out in June by U.S. cyberwarfare teams, effectively disrupting plans... Read more
Unmanned space shuttle breaks orbiting record, continues secret mission
The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle has done it again, this time blowing our minds with a record 719 days in orbit. The “unmanned space shuttle” of foreign military nightmares has spent considerable time in space, even though few people outside of the “need-to-know” sector seem to know what it’s... Read more

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf is a Kentuckessee native who has spent over 1/3 of his life overseas in search of combat, riches and adventure- accruing over a decade of experience in military, private security, language, small arms training, journalism and corporate communications fields. Mr. Wolf holds a Bachelor's of Science from Tennessee's Austin Peay State University- and is rarely seen without his canine companion, Savannah.

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