Military officials warn Congress that Russia & China could soon take over as the dominate powers in Africa
As China and Russia increase their respective influences in Africa, the United States is watching with a keen eye- and for good reason. The two traditional adversaries are setting up shop across the continent, creating issues for the United States, which has been operating in Africa for some time.... Read more
Congress set to approve Space Force next month, hold up centers around name
The long-awaited U.S. Space Force may soon have Congressional approval, making it the newest military branch to be created in over 70 years. Both the House and the Senate have proposed plans for Space Force in different versions of the annual defense bill, the new space-based defense branch would... Read more
Navy switching out touchscreen for manual controls for destroyers after USS John McCain collision
The U.S. Navy is knocking certain technologies down a peg in their fleet of warships, following a deadly collision in 2017. Guided-missile destroyers will soon have touchscreen throttle controls replaced with mechanical ones, giving less room for hardware failure in scenarios such as the 2017 collision of the USS... Read more
Test successful: F-35 Lightning II sends live target data to Missile Defense system
The F-35 Lightning II has completed a monumental milestone during a recent Orange Flag exercise, transmitting live targeting data to the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS). The system, developed by Northrop Grumman, was able to link up with the F-35’s onboard sensor suite,... Read more
New Air Force hypersonic scramjet engine hits Mach 4 in testing
An air-breathing hypersonic engine developed by Northrop Grumman for the U.S. Air Force recently broke a world record for thrust production- and the test data is out. The Air Force Research Laboratory publicly announced the tests on August 5, noting that the 18-foot long scramjet was tested over a... Read more
On 74th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing, mayor implores Prime Minister Abe to sign U.N. nuclear weapons ban
Seventy-four years since the first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the mayor of the iconic city has implored Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to sign a U.N. treaty banning nuclear weapons. Mayor Kazumi Matsui made the request at the Peace Memorial Park ceremony earlier today, asking Abe to... Read more
The Forgotten Navy: U.S. minesweeper fleet in disrepair as Iran drops more explosives in Strait of Hormuz
The U.S. Navy’s minesweeper fleet is in a serious state of disrepair- and that spells trouble for Americans attempting to confront mine-happy Iranian naval forces. Frequently moored for maintenance at their respective ports, American minesweepers are often neglected when compared to more modern or used ships, such as Aegis-class... Read more
Defense of Department diverting $6 billion to fund border wall projects
In light of escalating cartel activity and an illegal immigration crisis, over six billion dollars in U.S. Department of Defense funds are being diverted to build and improve border defenses on the U.S.-Mexico border- and defense officials are predicting no negative effects whatsoever. The money, which was originally part... Read more
New SecDef wants to escort American ships through Middle East waters
The new Secretary of Defense is more than willing to allow the military to escort American ships through important waterways in the Middle East after Iranian gunboats captured a British vessel. Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke of the matter on Wednesday, stating that, “We will escort our ships to... Read more
Paramount Pictures & DoD made major trades to develop Top Gun: Maverick movie
As the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun approaches, it’s important to remember that the new film, Top Gun: Maverick, would not be possible without the help of good ol’ Uncle Sam. The film began shooting in 2018, and will not be released until Summer of 2020. Despite the long... Read more

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf is a Kentuckessee native who has spent over 1/3 of his life overseas in search of combat, riches and adventure- accruing over a decade of experience in military, private security, language, small arms training, journalism and corporate communications fields. Mr. Wolf holds a Bachelor's of Science from Tennessee's Austin Peay State University- and is rarely seen without his canine companion, Savannah.

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