Iran shows off newest fighter jet, which came out 50 years ago
Amidst policy woes with the United States, Iran showcased its new fighter during the Thursday National Army Day Parade in Tehran, hoping to strike fear into the West with the country’s first indigenous fighter aircraft. There’s just one problem- not only is it not particularly terrifying, the United States... Read more
Forgotten fighter in the sky: Remembering some historic moments of the F-82 Twin Mustang
To many fans of World War II aviation, there is nothing greater than the North American P-51 Mustang, the silvery, iconic warbird that dominated the air in every theatre it flew in. But what could be better than a P-51 Mustang? Well, at least according to one North American... Read more
Army contractor shows off new FARA ‘winged’ helicopter that could replace the Apache
When the U.S. Army retired their fleets of OH-58 Kiowa scout helicopters, they ran into a rather sticky predicament as a result of their short-sighted haste: they had no adequate replacement for the venerable scout. In the aftermath of the 2017 retirement of the Kiowa Warrior series, AH-64 Apache... Read more
‘Blue Angels’ undergoing major changes now, in the near future
The world’s most famous military aerobatic display team undergoing big changes since their return to their home base in Pensacola, Florida, including a new airplane and new commander. Two former pilots with the Blue Angels have been working to get the Blues flying the newer F/A-18 Super Hornet by... Read more
Before there was Top Gun a RAF pilot once buzzed Parliament, flew through Tower Bridge
As the oldest air force in existence, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) has a reputation for being some, of the best and brightest the world has to offer. From innovation in aerial combat techniques to steadfast courage against all odds in Britain’s “finest hour.” The RAF is also... Read more
1950’s spy plane acts as modern day Indiana Jones with photos showing ancient European lands
What would happen if Indiana Jones had a spy plane? Ponder no more, as a declassified series of images from the cold war reveal archaeological sites viewed from tens of thousands of feet in the air. The photos, believed to have been taken in the 1950s and 1960s, reveal... Read more
Someone is selling a WWII plane online for $4.5 million
An old adage claims that money can’t buy you happiness- but it can buy you a P-51 Mustang. The legendary fighter plane is in unrestored condition, with an original engine and most of the same parts from when it came off the North American Aviation Assembly line in 1944.... Read more
Russia attempting to regain influence in Africa as a way to attack NATO from the south
Africa once again finds itself being visited by Russian men with guns, in numbers unseen since the days of the Cold War. The Russian military is peddling arms and training across the continent in exchange for mineral wealth and mining rights, and making a return to nations where their... Read more
Air Force moving closer to AI piloted jets as SkyBorg takes to the skies
As military technology advances, the human element of warfare becomes more detached from the overall system that is combat in the 21st Century. While there will always be a “guy on the ground with a gun” in any futuristic military scenario, whether or not that human will be backed... Read more
China, not Russia, the largest threat to NATO as the organization celebrates 70 years
Since the end of the Cold War, a new “Red Threat” is on the horizon for NATO- and they outnumber all of us. The People’s Republic of China is the new top threat for NATO officials, who have gathered in Washington DC, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the... Read more

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf is a Kentuckessee native who has spent over 1/3 of his life overseas in search of combat, riches and adventure- accruing over a decade of experience in military, private security, language, small arms training, journalism and corporate communications fields. Mr. Wolf holds a Bachelor's of Science from Tennessee's Austin Peay State University- and is rarely seen without his canine companion, Savannah.

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