The F-35 has a new problem with no easy solution
The F-35 may have a problem with its canopy, and the issue will delay the rollout of the stealthy strike fighter. The canopy -known as the “transparency”- requires a special coating to reflect radar waves, and has had production issues that resulted in a shortage. Other issues have included... Read more
Blame Canada: Senator accidentally revealed American nuclear sites in Europe
A Canadian senator revealed secret information concerning the location of over 150 American nuclear bombs across Europe, making its rounds around the world before being deleted. Canadian Senator Joseph Day included the classified information, which effectively exposed the location of around 150 B61-12 gravity bombs across Europe and likely... Read more
Army is now able to 3D-print body armor anywhere
3D printing has brought us all sorts of technological benefits- and now it might save lives in combat. The US Army has devised a method to produce ceramic body armor using only a 3D printer, allowing lightweight armor to be dished out close to the front lines. Lionel Vargas-Gonzalez,... Read more
”Spooky” gunships complete its last combat missions, here is what’s replacing them
The legendary AC-130U “Spooky” Gunship has flown its last combat mission, leading many to ask what lies in store for the future of Air Force gunships. The last U-model came home to Hurlburt Field in Florida on Monday, marking the end of an era. While seeing Spooky go is... Read more
New drones are the size of a bird, will help soldiers in urban combat situations
The aerial reconnaissance tool of tomorrow is over half a foot long and weighs less than a pound- and it’s coming to the backpack of a soldier near you. The FLIR Systems Black Hornet, an extremely quiet scout drone, is capable of speeds of 13 MPH and has a... Read more
NASA hopes to fund Mars mission by renting out space on ISS
The International Space Station is past its prime, and NASA is looking to rent it out to commercial concerns as the agency looks towards the Moon and Mars. With the first module of the station entering Low-Earth Orbit in the late 1990s, the ISS has outlived its projected service... Read more
Military Leadership U: West Point continues to set the standard after 217 years
A starting point for some of America’s finest military leaders, The United States Military Academy boasts a proud tradition of being one of the finest and most exclusive learning institutions in the world today. Officially opened on July 4th, 1802, West Point boasts a 16,080-acre campus and is home... Read more
DoD could ban Navy SEALs from having pizza and beer, put them on keto diet
The Department of Defense has the audacity to think it can order you not to eat pizza and drink beer-and the Special Operations Command might be to blame. In the midst of plummeting retention rates within the individual services, a new proposal by SOCOM may bring rise a mandated... Read more
156 years of perseverance: The Battle of Gettysburg saved the Union and America as we know it
For many, the history of July 4th begins and ends with the American war for independence against Great Britain, as well as the birth of a new nation. However, July 4th holds significant weight during other eras of America’s history- and includes a war that threatened to tear the... Read more
Congress wants the Navy to prove it can fight off a swarm attack in new proposed bill
In the wake of a tense and ongoing maritime situation in the Persian Gulf, Congress is now asking how the U.S. Navy plans on dealing with potential swarms of small gunboats and drones- a favorite tactic of the Iranian Navy. Massachusetts Democrat and Marine veteran Rep. Seth Moulton has... Read more

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf is a Kentuckessee native who has spent over 1/3 of his life overseas in search of combat, riches and adventure- accruing over a decade of experience in military, private security, language, small arms training, journalism and corporate communications fields. Mr. Wolf holds a Bachelor's of Science from Tennessee's Austin Peay State University.

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