Three US troops killed, dozens injured in attack on base in Jordan
At least three US servicemembers have been killed and over two dozen have been injured in a drone attack at an outpost in Jordan, according to multiple sources. The incident took place near the Syrian border at an observation post dubbed “Tower 22,” located in Northeastern Jordan. The weapon... Read more
Inventor and founder of world’s most popular military & police handgun brand dead at 94
The inventor of the most prolific combat and duty handgun in the world has died, according to the company he founded. Gaston Glock, creator of the world’s most popular handgun, passed away on Wednesday at the age of ninety-four. Known for being both eccentric and reclusive, Glock was estimated... Read more
Russian fighter jet damages U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone over Syria
Yet another American Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has been harassed by Russian fighter jets, this time in the skies over Syria. The incident, which took place on Sunday, involved an MQ-9 Reaper UAV, which sustained damage after an Su-35 dropped flares on top of it. US Air Force officials report... Read more
This Little Piggy Went To the Boneyard: 21 A-10s to be permanently retired
America’s most beloved and controversial Close Air Support platform is nearing an iconic end, as nearly two-dozen A-10s prepare to take their final journey to the graveyard of US airpower. As the proposed 2030 retirement date for the iconic A-10 Thunderbolt II draws closer, several of the “hogs” are... Read more
DoD committee report recommends firearms be restricted for service members under age 25
Elements within the Department of Defense are looking to utilize “suicide prevention” as a gateway to introducing some pretty steep gun regulations for military personnel- and some fear that the moves may pave the way for equally-strict civilian gun laws if implemented. In the aftermath of recent moves by... Read more
WIB Investigates: What’s the deal with the “Psyop e-girl” SHOT Show scandal rumors?
A scandal involving one of the US Army’s top “e-girl” personalities and the firearms industry has been spreading across the internet like a brush fire- but what is the truth behind it all? Over the past few days, several social media platforms have been abuzz with allegations that a... Read more
MUST-SEE: Danish F-16s dazzle crowd with nine-ship attack runs
Danish Viper pilots displayed an incredible show of airmanship recently, performing an old-school attack run with nine F-16s. The Denmark-flagged F-16s were performing an exercise earlier this month that was open to the public and showed just how impressive a nine-ship attack can be. Soaring in every direction with... Read more
“The Rise of the Robots is Happening:” Security company releases “cringe” ad, depicting misfortune-prone security robots as commandos
A company that provides security robots has released a cringe-inducing ad that portrays the robots as “elite,” despite the devices becoming meme-worthy due to the public abusing them.  Knightscope Inc., a company that produces a variety of automated security robots (with a focus on the K-5 model), released a... Read more
More restricted info on US fighter jets leaked in War Thunder game forums
Yet another leak has occurred in relation to the War Thunder simulation series of games, this time involving the F-15E Strike Eagle. The leak is one of several to recently pop up this year- and the second to involve US military aircraft. The newest update on the matter is... Read more
“Traitor” former US Marine pilot to be extradited to US from Australia
The Australian government has agreed to extradite a former US Marine Corps aviator accused of aiding the Chinese military through training and acquisition of American military aircraft. The government down under has approved a request to extradite former US Marine Corps pilot Daniel Duggan to the United States, where... Read more

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