After Iran missiles hit Iraq base, the US military lost contact with multiple Predator drones

It’s a scenario the US trains for but rarely encounters- losing their air superiority edge during an armed confrontation.

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Allies’ WWII fighter engine used to make droid from “The Mandalorian”
As the year 2019 draws to a close, one cannot cruise along the internet superhighway without seeing something related to Disney’s The Mandalorian. Telling the tale of a helmet-wearing bounty hunter and the childlike creature known to the internet as “Baby Yoda,” the show has reached critical acclaim for... Read more
Islamic terrorist killed  with “secret CIA” bladed missile that does not explode

The bladed Hellfire missiles of our nightmare struck again, this time hitting a minivan in northwestern Syria.

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Houthi Rebels claim to have downed an Apache helicopter and a UAV
Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed two alleged surface-to-air victories in the past few days, including an American-made AH-64 Apache gunship and a Chinese-made UAV. While a propaganda windfall for the faction fighting against the Saudi military, it should be noted that both aircraft are also in the UAE’s... Read more
Russia’s report about “failed F-35 intercept” deemed a fake
The so-called “failed intercept” of a Russian supersonic bomber by two American F-35 Lightning IIs has been deemed “fake news,” according to a fact-checking watchdog group. Earlier this month, Russian media (as well as global media aggregates) reported that two American F-35s failed to catch the Soviet-era knock-off of... Read more
Wounded soldier single handedly kills 6 soldiers, captures two and uses their bodies as bullet sponges

In this world, some men are born for certain roles in life, seemingly crafted for a career or to answer the call of destiny when the time arises.

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Chinese magazine ‘accidentally’ reveals new top secret weapon

A state-run publication of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army Navy has revealed a weapon that China likely did not want the world to see.

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Air Force employing old F-16 “Viper” aircraft as remote-operated drones

Older legacy variants of the F-16 “Viper” are getting a grand send-off without an end to their service- by being converted into high-end target drones that can attempt to outfly the human pilots whose skills they are designed to hone.

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Missing WWII submarine found after 75 years off the coast of Okinawa

A long-missing World War II-era US Navy Submarine has been found- and its long disappearance is due to a translation error.

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Air Force want to beam solar power from outer space to earth
“Wireless charging” has taken on a whole new meaning, thanks to an experimental program that would allow the US Air Force to beam solar power to friendly units- from space. Sounding like something out of Halo, the Space Solar Power Incremental Demonstration and Research project aims to use solar... Read more

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf is a Kentuckessee native who has spent over 1/3 of his life overseas in search of combat, riches and adventure- accruing over a decade of experience in military, private security, language, small arms training, journalism and corporate communications fields. Mr. Wolf holds a Bachelor's of Science from Tennessee's Austin Peay State University- and is rarely seen without his canine companion, Savannah.

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