Soldiers patrolling U.S. southern border now being given medals
Troops deploying to the American southwest in order to protect U.S. sovereignty during a mass illegal migration crisis will receive medals for their efforts. The Pentagon has authorized the Armed Forces Service Medal for thousands of U.S. service members who have deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border.  For the last... Read more
Taiwan beefing military budget to beat back China and the U.S. is more than willing to help
Taiwan is looking to buy several American F-16s to complement its military, an act aimed at showing the People’s Republic of China that it would resist any threats of invasion. A long-time ally of Taiwan, the United States is more than willing to sell a few of its top-tier... Read more
Navy in the process of developing an unmanned “Ghost Fleet”
The U.S. Navy is hoping shipbuilders can give it ideas for a fleet of large unmanned surface vessels to create a “Ghost Fleet.” Known as the Large Unmanned Surface Vehicle program, the ships will have to be modular and able to run for some time with limited maintenance in... Read more
40-year-old A-10 Thunderbolts get new wings as Air Force continues to look for a permanent replacement
Maintainers have installed new wings to the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt, effectively breathing new life into a platform that is having trouble finding a suitable successor. The 571st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron swapped wings on 162 A-10s at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, as part of the A-10 Enhanced Wing... Read more
U.S. adding to its missile defense system by buying ‘iron dome’
The U.S. Army is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to shooting down a cruise missile by purchasing the proven American-Israeli Iron Dome system. A joint development between America’s Raytheon and Israel’s Rafael, the missile defense system -which is partially built in the United States-... Read more
Race to the finish: U.S. in dead heat with China as both develop cloud-computing network
As the Pentagon prepares for a joint cloud-computing network with either Amazon or Microsoft, the DoD is vigilantly watching the Chinese military, who are creating a cloud system of their own. Not bound by the same restraints and considerations as a joint venture between a military force and free-market... Read more
U.K. releases seized Iranian tanker despite U.S. demands not to
An Iranian oil tanker seized by British Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar in July has been released, despite protests by the U.S. government. Suspected of violating E.U. sanctions regarding oil shipments to Syria, the ship -known as Grace 1- was seized by the U.K. and detained in... Read more
Military officials warn Congress that Russia & China could soon take over as the dominate powers in Africa
As China and Russia increase their respective influences in Africa, the United States is watching with a keen eye- and for good reason. The two traditional adversaries are setting up shop across the continent, creating issues for the United States, which has been operating in Africa for some time.... Read more
Congress set to approve Space Force next month, hold up centers around name
The long-awaited U.S. Space Force may soon have Congressional approval, making it the newest military branch to be created in over 70 years. Both the House and the Senate have proposed plans for Space Force in different versions of the annual defense bill, the new space-based defense branch would... Read more
Navy switching out touchscreen for manual controls for destroyers after USS John McCain collision
The U.S. Navy is knocking certain technologies down a peg in their fleet of warships, following a deadly collision in 2017. Guided-missile destroyers will soon have touchscreen throttle controls replaced with mechanical ones, giving less room for hardware failure in scenarios such as the 2017 collision of the USS... Read more

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf is a Kentuckessee native who has spent over 1/3 of his life overseas in search of combat, riches and adventure- accruing over a decade of experience in military, private security, language, small arms training, journalism and corporate communications fields. Mr. Wolf holds a Bachelor's of Science from Tennessee's Austin Peay State University- and is rarely seen without his canine companion, Savannah.

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