21st Century Dunkirk: The story of how air traffic controllers used social media DMs to help rescue friends trapped in Afghanistan

Amidst the chaos of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, it appears that a handful of friends and air traffic controllers from around the world managed to assist in closing the information gap between circling aircraft and air traffic controllers in Kabul- using a relay chain of social media messages.

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SCAR Fox: A look into the battle-tested SwampFox Arrowhead LPVO
In a market with established players and a “you get what you pay for” mindset, breaking into the weapons optics industry can be a hard thing to do. Be it the venerable and recognizable name brands that have secured military contracts to imported budget brands barely fit for airsoft,... Read more
Bankrupt Remington gets $65m offer for ammo business- and the bidder might surprise you
As long-time firearms and ammunition manufacturer Remington begins to split itself apart amidst what may be its final bankruptcy, a new -albeit familiar- challenger may have stepped up to purchase the munitions side of the house. Columbia, SC-based private equity firm JJE Capital Holdings LLC recently submitted a $65... Read more
Taiwan denies shooting down Chinese fighter aircraft
Taiwan is denying claims that it shot down a Chinese PLA Air Force plane this week, claiming that all reports to the contrary are erroneous. “The Air Force Command has refuted reports of shooting down Su-35. The information is false and completely untrue. The service strongly condemns this malicious... Read more
Chinese Rocket Forces prepare for nuclear attack, claim US will strike first
The military arm of the Chinese Communist Party has begun conducting drills in preparation for a “possible US nuclear weapons attack.” The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force has reportedly upped their training tempo, and is happily posting video footage of their exercises to local state-run media and social media.... Read more
F-117 Nighthawks now flying as adversaries in Navy aerial war games

A historical aircraft once believed to be grounded for good is still taking to the skies, it seems- and they appear to be flying as adversaries in combat exercises.

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Taiwanese F-16s star flying with live harpoon anti-ship missiles to deter China
Taiwanese F-16s are carrying Harpoon anti-ship missiles on sorties in response to land-grabbing exercises on the part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, giving a whole new meaning to the term “sea snake.” The F-16A “Vipers” of the ROCAF’s 5th Tactical Fighter Wing are showing the PLA, PLAAF and... Read more
Army Spec. Ops. helicopters spotted flying with mysterious modifications
The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment is no stranger to testing new helicopter technology, and a curious set of devices bolted to the side of an MH-47G have analysts scratching their heads. The MH-47G in question  (#03728), which had a somewhat hammered-out and battered appearance when it was photographed... Read more
Philippine Army overruns communist insurgent camp, seizes IEDs and weapons
A 45-minute gunfight broke-out between Philippine government troops and around forty members of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) in Barangay Daganas, Bulan town in Sorsogon province last Thursday, according to Philippine Army reports. Tipped off by local residents, joint elements of Philippine military’s 22nd Infantry Battalion (22IB) and 31st... Read more
Collision Course: China claims F-22 and Rafale have “No Chance” against the J-20
Chinese state-run media is challenging the United States and India, claiming that the J-20 “stealth fighter” is more than a match for American F-22 Raptor and India’s newly-acquired Rafale. Two articles regarding the J-20’s capabilities -posted on the same day- were featured in the South China Morning Post and... Read more

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