Florida’s governor passes executive order to combat foreign espionage, influence in the Sunshine State
The governor of Florida has announced new proposals to combat Chinese espionage near American military installations in the Sunshine State, as well as measures taken to resist social engineering by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated apps such as TikTok. Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 22-216, a wide-sweeping EO that attacks... Read more
“Victory Gardens” may make a comeback- for the wrong reasons
As inflation, cost of living and national debt continue to climb while trust in institutions plummets to record lows, Americans are learning they need to rediscover an art lost to many since the Great Depression: growing their own food. While Americans have it relatively good at the moment (especially... Read more
Weeb Is Boring: How anime culture is shaping the Ukraine War
Let’s face it: we all knew it was gonna be weird. As the war in Ukraine drags on for over half of 2022, a sort of fatigue for the “current thing” is setting in amongst those getting information from mainstream sources. From inflated numbers to dubious claims and the... Read more
German foreign minister vows to support Ukraine war effort, “no matter what my German voters think”
Germany’s foreign minister has decided that she will support the war in Ukraine- regardless of what Germans want or how it may impact their quality of life. In what seems to be a case of taking support of the “current thing” way too far, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said... Read more
Trust but Verify: Green Berets reportedly being targeted by I CORPS for potential ties to “extremist activity”
Green Berets of the First Special Forces Group (Airborne) are reportedly being looked at with more scrutiny by Military Police- at least according to an Army whistleblower site. The information was leaked to TerminalCWO, a whistle-blowing page akin to USAWTFM and John Q. Public. Along with the tip, a... Read more
The best [and worst] military TV shows of the 90s

The nineties were a glorious time.

Read more
Bell’s new scout gunship looks awfully familiar
The fabled fan-favorite failure that was the RAH-66 Commanche is back- kind of. The doomed Boeing-Sikorsky helicopter -which captured imaginations and was featured in a variety of media and video games in the 1990s and 2000s- is back from the cancel grave, at least in appearance. The modern iteration... Read more
With Chinese invasion looming, Taiwan’s troops seek tech support from American vets
The internet is a fantastic thing sometimes, isn’t it? In an effort to keep readiness at top-notch status in case of a Chinese invasion, Army helicopter crews in Taiwan are heading to social media for help from veterans who worked on or flew a US Army legend. The soldiers,... Read more
America’s Rifle: What is it about the AR-15?
As the United States finds itself looking down the barrel of yet another senseless act of terror, the usual bogeyman has been put on trial: the semiautomatic AR-15. Known as “America’s Rifle,” the AR-15 is arguably the most common rifle in circulation, with an estimated 20 million in the... Read more
Satellite imagery, OSINT suggests that China has a new attack sub
A new shape has emerged from the sea- and it bears the flag of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy. Evidence of China’s attempt to catch up with the United States in terms of warships has taken the form of a new submarine, one which many analysts believe to... Read more

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