‘Sorry to Bother You’ Is Boldly Anti-Imperialistic
Sorry to Bother You, an explicitly left-wing surrealist satire written, directed and produced by Oakland-based rapper Boots Riley has become one of the surprise box-office hits of 2018. Kicking off the year as one of the darlings of the Sundance Film Festival, the indie flick had one of 2018’s... Read more
China’s Belt and Road Will Change the World
As Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull prepares to visit the United States in mid-February 2018, media down under report that near the top of his agenda with U.S. president Donald Trump are plans for the two countries to counter a project most Americans have heard very little about. China’s... Read more
The Trump Administration Wants a War America Cannot Win
Who knew that U.S. vice president Mike Pence would take a page out of activist athlete Colin Kaepernick’s playbook and refuse to stand for the host team’s entry at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on Feb. 8, 2018? The games were being held in PyeongChang, Korea — and the... Read more
The Philippines’ Duterte Is Caught Between Islamist Terrorists and Angry Maoists
Word that Islamic State-aligned militants took over the Philippine city of Marawi shocked the world on May 23, 2017. Philippine officials labeled the attack an “invasion” by the Syria-based terrorist group and responded by declaring martial law across the entire island of Mindanao, the second largest in the archipelago country and... Read more
The West’s War on Terror Depends on the Wrong Allies
The same week that U.S. Pres. Donald Trump inaugurated a new effort to enlist the Sunni Arab world’s help in bringing jihadist terrorism to an end, a troubled young British man blew himself up at a pop singer’s concert in Manchester, killing 22 people—mostly young girls. This was the... Read more
The FBI’s Ugly History Led to Donald Trump
U.S. domestic counter-intelligence and foreign espionage are supposed to be divided between the FBI at home and the CIA abroad. In practice, however, the lines between threats foreign and domestic are often difficult to discern, and allegations that Russian intelligence collaborated with Pres. Donald Trump’s campaign to illegally influence... Read more
The Perils of Humanitarian Intervention
It’s been a busy few months for the U.S. military. Between the Tomahawk missile strike in Syria on April 7, the first-ever battlefield use of the GBU-43 “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan on April 13 and the movement of the USS Carl Vinson carrier group toward North Korea,... Read more
How States Screw Up After Terrorist Attacks
A resource-strapped terrorist group taking on a wealthy or powerful government can use drama, violence and political manipulation to lure that state into making bad decisions. This changes the balance of power between the two adversaries, and over a long enough timeline, a creative terrorist campaign can make the... Read more
Trump Just Hired an Ignorant Paranoiac Who Invented a Special Bow for the Apocalypse
It took nearly two months for U.S. president Donald Trump to appoint a deputy secretary of the treasury, a crucial position tasked with day-to-day operations for the backbone of the U.S. financial system. Just three days into his administration, however, Trump hired one special assistant at the agency with... Read more
The High Cost of Cheap Oil
American consumers are getting a welcome reprieve at the pump — gas is cheaper than at any point since 2008. Thanks to major shifts on both the supply and demand side of the global energy market, American families are seeing gas prices under $2 a gallon just as economic... Read more

Andrew Dobbs

Environmental activist and writer based in Austin, Texas.

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