Tras el pasado ataque terrorista en Francia se plantean varias cuestiones respecto a la seguridad e identidad
Nativismo: política que favorece los intereses de los nacidos en un país frente a los de los inmigrantes. El 20 de noviembre el Ministro del Interior francés, Bernard Cazenueve, les reprochó en París a sus homólogos del continente europeo el hecho de que con todos sus recursos y la... Read more
France’s Terror Backlash Raises Questions of Security and Identity
Last Friday in Paris, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve issued a complaint to his counterparts across the continent that will be recalled in the annals of European counterterrorism — with all their resources and supposed vigilance about the jihadist threat, none had managed to help him determine the whereabouts... Read more

Ahmed Charai

Publisher of the weekly Moroccan newspaper 'L'Observateur' and president of MED Radio, a national broadcast network in Morocco, MEDTV network and chairman of the board of 'Al Ahdath Al Maghrebiya' Arabic daily newspaper.

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