Iran-Backed Terror Group Parades New Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Iraq
An Iranian-backed proxy group in Iraq released a video on Sunday showing its fighters in possession QW-1M man-portable air-defense missiles, marking the introduction of one of the more sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons seen in more than a decade of conflict in Iraq. The video, released by the Shiite terrorist group... Read more
Iranian Weapons Pour Into Embattled Tikrit
Iraqi and Shia militia forces have been taking back ground from Islamic State, pushing the jihadist fighters out of much of the town of Tikrit. But in a sign of Tehran’s growing military presence in the Iraq, Iranian weapons were a nearly ubiquitous sight in images and videos coming... Read more
Iran’s Drones Loom Over the World’s Oil Tankers
Though Iran’s Great Prophet-9 military exercise ended last month, you can count on Tehran’s military to wring every last drop of bellicosity from the event—such as showing off an apparently armed drone taking a bead on a ship crossing the Strait of Hormuz. Iran conducted the exercise during the... Read more
Kremlin Tech Jams Ukrainian Airwaves
Ukrainian troops are blind and deaf on the battlefield. Kiev’s members of parliament suddenly discover their cell phones don’t work. International observers watching the war lose contact with their drones and can’t do their job. Welcome to Ukraine’s electronic war. Throughout the conflict, the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine... Read more
The Open-Source Spies of World War II
The ubiquity of cell phones, cameras and the Internet has unleashed a bounty of open-source material for spies to understand the world. Today, American spies patrol web forums for shots of China’s latest jet fighters or information about jihadis in the Middle East. Though the technology to hemorrhage data... Read more
Ukraine Scrambles for UAVs, But Russian Drones Own the Skies
With few willing to venture into Ukraine’s skies, and a pressing need for airborne intelligence, Moscow and Kiev are throwing their drone fleets into the fight. To be sure, both sides are using unarmed reconnaissance drones. It’s all about helping their troops stay up-to-speed on their foe’s movements and... Read more
A Bunch of Iranian Drones Have Crashed in Iraq
Twitter accounts associated with the militant group Islamic State are tweeting out pics of another wrecked Iranian-made drone in Iraq. We know Iranian drones have been flying over Iraq for some time now. But the markings on this latest piece of wreckage raise questions about just who owns the... Read more
The Blackbird Had a Drone Sidekick
In the late 1960s and early ’70s, American intelligence agencies were desperate to get a glimpse of the parched deserts of Lop Nor, home to China’s growing nuclear and missile programs. But reaching the desert nuke complex was a formidable journey for U.S. spy planes. So the CIA embarked... Read more
FBI Busts Russian Spies
Once again, the FBI has busted a Russian spy hiding in the United States. But this time, the story is a bit out of the ordinary. Instead of chasing after nuclear secrets or political secrets, the spy in question was allegedly trying to steal … economic data. On Jan. 26,... Read more
It Seems a Chinese Missile Drone Just Crashed in Nigeria
The wreckage of an armed drone turned up in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday near the epicenter of the West African country’s violent Islamist insurgency. The drone looks Chinese. And that’s a very big deal. Pictures of the wreckage posted on Twitter show an unmanned combat aerial vehicle that closely... Read more
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