How Does The Syrian Civil War End?
Free Syrian Army fighters in Aleppo in 2012. Wikimedia Commons Photo How Does The Syrian Civil War End? Not for a long time, and not through political pressure alone The Syrian regime is under the world’s glare, and it’s hopefully enough to deter the regime from using chemical weapons... Read more
Obama’s Secret Weapon?
The United Nations General Assembly in New York. U.N. Photo  Obama’s Secret Weapon?  The rarely used United Nations resolution that might make war possible even if Russia and China vote ‘no’ After a weekend where Pres. Barack Obama stole quiet moments with leaders of the G20 countries and Secretary... Read more
Missives From a Forgotten Country
Armed men in the Central African Republic. HDTPCAR photo Missives From a Forgotten Country Why the crisis in the Central African Republic deserves more attention A man lay on the thatched floor of his hut, bleeding from a head wound opened by the swing of a machete, as a... Read more
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