The Iraqi Army Can Win Ground Battles After All
The offensive which pushed the Islamic State out of central Ramadi is shaping into one of the Iraqi army’s most significant victories to date … one backed by lots of U.S. air power. Taking and holding Ramadi, a Sunni-majority city in Iraq’s contested Anbar province, is a major test... Read more
In Myanmar, Rohingya Refugees Imprisoned Then Dumped Far From Home
The Rohingya inhabiting Thet Key Pyin Camp outside Sittwe, capital of Myanmar’s westernmost state, never planned to live there. For several months in 2012, a wave of sectarian violence expelled thousands from their homes in Sittwe’s city center. Today, many Rohingya — a Muslim minority — live in segregated squatter... Read more
Hamas Is Running Out of Allies
Hamas once represented an oddity in the “Axis of Resistance,” an Iranian-led alliance of states, including Syria, and militant groups opposed to the United States and Israel. Most members — Hezbollah, Iraqi militias and Yemen rebels, among others — have been Shias. But Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, represented a Sunni... Read more
For Syria’s Army, Politics Drives Strategy
According to many analysts, Syrian president Bashar Al Assad seeks only to protect his capital, the country’s heartland and the supply chains linking them. In other words, as this argument goes, Assad is fighting only for survival, as without these three territories his regime would collapse. But in fact, he wants much... Read more
Russia Pounds Turkey’s Allies in Syria
Syrian Turkmens reappeared in the Syrian Civil War during the shootdown of a Russian warplane Nov. 24. Russia had been bombing cities, towns, and villages along the Syrian-Turkish border, many inhabited by Turkmen. When the Turkish air force downed a Russian Su-24 warplane after it passed through Turkish territory,... Read more
Syrian Troops Hold Out in Islamic State’s Heartland
Rarely has a militant group had so many enemies at once, yet Islamic State continues to thrive at the expense of the Syrian government and opposition. Many analysts have claimed as much. However, few have acknowledged Islamic State’s military and political supremacy in Deir Ezzor, a Syrian city along... Read more
Al Qaeda Is Taking Advantage of Islamic State’s Bad Reputation
Al Qaeda knows it has an image problem. To set itself apart from its rival Islamic State, the terrorist organization’s propagandists are trying to portray their group as relatively moderate. Emphasis on relatively. That’s all according to the second issue of the English-language Syrian jihadist magazine Al Risalah, Arabic for “the... Read more
America Is Taking a New Approach to Syria’s Rebels
The Pentagon has opted to halt its training program for members of the Free Syrian Army. According to The Washington Post, America saw little worth in maintaining the New Syrian Forces, an FSA subunit with fighters drawn from Division 30. The program never made much sense to begin with. U.S. advisers trained dozens of recruits... Read more
Irán aumenta sus tropas en Siria
Los medios de información se han centrado en el aumento por parte de Rusia de su poder militar en Siria. Sin embargo, Irán lleva haciendo lo mismo los últimos meses, aunque con más sutileza. A lo largo del pasado año, oficiales y tropas de la Guardia Revolucionaria de Irán... Read more
Syria’s Rebels Are Ready to Fight Russia
Syria’s civil war is anything but predictable. Russian air strikes have targeted the Islamic State’s bases in Aleppo and Raqqa governorates, but many others have pounded Hama, Homs, Idlib and Latakia governorates. In those latter areas, Islamic State has few fighters, but the Syrian opposition — including the Free Syrian Army... Read more
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