Mystery Weapon Terrifies America’s Admirals
USS Nimitz, left, and USS Essex near the Hawaiian islands on July 27, 2012. Navy photo Mystery Weapon Terrifies America’s Admirals Somewhere out there, someone has built something that has the Navy absolutely freaked The U.S. has the biggest, baddest Navy in the world by a wide margin. But... Read more
The Navy’s Killer Drone Totally Has a Mind of Its Own
A new era in aviation dawned when the U.S. Navy’s X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System armed drone demonstrator completed its first-ever arrested landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush off the Virginia coast Wednesday. After completing a second autonomous arrested landing on the nuclear-powered carrier, the 60-foot-wingspan... Read more


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Boom! Blown to Hell in Afghanistan—a true story from 2011 by David Axe, with art by Ryan Alexander-Tanner Read more
We Almost Had a Giant Robot Spy Blimp
The Army’s dream was a fantastical one. Build a 300-foot-long, helium-filled, pilotless airship, pack it with sophisticated sensors and other spy gear and park it over the remotest, most dangerous region of Afghanistan, where it would hover for three weeks at a time beyond the range of enemy gunfire,... Read more
Managing NSA’s Public Image It’s silly to expect a spy agency like the NSA not to spy. But the NSA — and Congress — should do more to rebuild public trust Once all the intrigue of Edward Snowden fades away, we are going to be left with some weighty... Read more
Your $170 Billion Missile Defenses Don’t Work
Ground-based interceptor launch. jose Davila/Navy Media Content Services Photo Your $170 Billion Missile Defenses Don’t Work Don’t tell me you’re surprised On Friday, July 5, a long-range ballistic missile blasted into the skies from the U.S. military’s remote Pacific Ocean test site at Kwajalein Atoll. Meanwhile, a second missile... Read more
America’s Armored Shotgun
Designed and built in a farm tractor factory and armed with six 106-millimeter recoilless rifles, the M-50A1 Ontos was rejected by the Army and only purchased in small numbers by the Marine Corps. Years later in Vietnam, the USMC trained infantry riflemen to drive these vehicles, nicknamed “Things,” down... Read more
How the NSA Could Hack (Almost) Any Browser
Wikimedia Commons Photo How the NSA Could Hack (Almost) Any Browser A little trick called ‘packet injection’ The feds can theoretically use your computer against you to mount an almost untraceable attack?—?by butting in on your electronic conversation. This technique, known as “packet injection,” works because, absent cryptographic protection,... Read more
Snowden Outrage
Snowden Outrage Meet the elites My previous cartoon was “Transparent, My Ass” and my new book is Life Begins at Incorporation. Read more
We Now Know EXACTLY How Much Ass the Navy’s New Killer Drone Will Kick
a Navy Drone demonstrator in may. Navy photo We Now Know EXACTLY How Much Ass the Navy’s New Killer Drone Will Kick 1,000 pounds over 2,000 miles, is how much  The U.S. Navy is working on a radar-evading, armed, jet-propelled, highly autonomous drone warplane able to take off of... Read more
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