The Geek Awakening
Gato gato gato/photopin The Geek Awakening Edward Snowden is the vanguard of a broader challenge In January of 2008, Anonymous, a loose collective of hackers previously known for cyberbullying and breaking copyrighted software, attacked the website of the Church of Scientology. Anonymous was responding the Church’s attempt to scrub... Read more
This Old Aircraft Carrier is a Damned Embarrassment
INS Vikramaditya. Photo: Wikimedia/Alexey Popov This Old Aircraft Carrier is a Damned Embarrassment The Vikramaditya was supposed to be India’s premier warship, like five years ago On Wednesday, the Indian navy’s first relatively modern aircraft carrier sailed from its Russian port into the White Sea for a final set... Read more
Warner Brothers photo According to writer Matthew Gault, Kal-El’s relationship with the armed forces is … complicated In last month’s blockbuster Man of Steel, Superman proudly fights alongside the U.S. Army and Air Force against the marauding forces of General Zod. But Superman has not always been so cozy with the... Read more
Faux Outrage Why is it such a scandal that a spy agency spies?  Warning: This post contains an image of a powerpoint slide marked TOP SECRET//SI//ORCON//NOFORN. Continue reading at your peril. On June 29, the Guardian published another set of leaked NSA documents alleging that the National Security Agency... Read more
The Last Man Inside the Drone Base
Bryan William Jones Photo The Last Man Inside the Drone Base Bryan William Jones was one of the last photographers with access to the U.S. military’s secretive facility for armed robots  Creech Air Force Base in Nevada is where the Pentagon trains the operators of its expanding force of... Read more
The Navy’s Undersea Rocket Ship
SRI International concept The Navy’s Undersea Rocket Ship Steve Weintz explores one crazy space weapon idea from the 1970s In the 1970s the U.S. Navy had a problem. The Soviets were building a big, powerful fleet of their own — plus surveillance satellites to help steer the new warships... Read more
The Drone that Took Down a Government
Euro Hawk. Northrop Grumman photo The Drone that Took Down a Government Peter Dörrie on Germany’s disastrous Euro Hawk  Drones usually hunt the enemies of the state. A growing roster of countries use unmanned and — to one degree or another — autonomous aerial vehicles to track down and... Read more
FYI, We Just Won a War in The Philippines
An excerpt from my new book Shadow Wars, available for pre-order from Potomac Books. The U.S. military battled Islamists in The Philippines beginning in 1899, when the islands — the spoils of the Spanish-American War — became an American territory. The fighting raged in fits and starts for the... Read more
This War Game is a Warning to China
Japanese hovercraft landing in southern california. department of defense photo This War Game is a Warning to China U.S. and Japanese troops practice island attacks Early Monday morning, two mammoth hovercraft blasted in from the sea and stormed ashore near San Diego. The hovercraft dropped their ramps and disgorged... Read more
In Case You Forgot, America’s Got a Ton of Warplanes
An F-35 stealth fighter in testing. Lockheed Martin photo In Case You Forgot, America’s Got a Ton of Warplanes Way more than Russia and China put together The U.S. military possesses 14,776 warplanes. That’s nearly triple what Russia and China have, combined. The latest figures for America’s aerial arsenal... Read more
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