Someone slipped a water gun into Army’s pistol competition photos to imply its a joke
The way the US military procures things can be curious at times, particularly when it involves weapons. At the Rock Island Arsenal Museum, the sentiments behind this strange process are amusingly clear- in the form of a squirt gun shaped like a hot dog. An artifact of the doomed... Read more
Chinese military expert advocates using lasers to paralyze US warships in South China Sea
  The Chinese military should consider using non-lethal lasers on U.S. Navy warships to discourage their transits through the South China Sea, a state-run newspaper in China said Tuesday. Chinese military expert Song Zhongping told Global Times that the use of electromagnetic weapons, such as low-energy laser devices, could... Read more
2,000 Massachusetts National Guardsmen activated in coronavirus response
The Massachusetts National Guard will deploy up to 2,000 members to help with the state’s coronavirus response as the statewide nurses union called on Gov. Charlie Baker for military help Thursday and Boston hospitals prepare for a surge of patients. “Activating the National Guard will help support our Administration’s... Read more
Terrorist group that claims it killed two Americans warns US troops of another attack
An Iranian-backed insurgency group has formed in Iraq- and they’re threatening US assets in the region. Known as the “League of Revolutionaries,” the group, which claims to be responsible for the rocket attack at Camp Taji, was the “smallest amount of force the group could use.” The attack killed... Read more
Army dentist earned the Medal of Honor after being shot 76 times while fighting to the death
While people generally don’t think of healthcare providers as warriors, there is no doubt that many serving in the US military are ready, willing, and able to add exceptions of their rule to “do no harm.” When push comes to shove in the heat of battle, unlikely heroes can... Read more
Pentagon calls Navy to action after Coronavirus cases among US troops double in one day
WASHINGTON — Thirty-six American service members worldwide had tested positive for the coronavirus as of Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesman said, confirming that the cases among troops had doubled in just one day. In total, 59 members of the Defense Department community had confirmed cases of the fast-spreading coronavirus, formally... Read more
Islamic State warns terrorists to avoid Europe until coronavirus passes
The Islamic State has warned its terrorist organization to stay clear of Europe until coronavirus is under control. Would-be martyrs learned of the travel ban in the Islamic State newsletter al-Naba just before the weekend got underway, according to outlets including Homeland Security Today. The newsletter reportedly urges the... Read more
US Space Force begins operations for first offensive weapon system
Photo: Airmen from the 4th Space Control Squadron take a picture in front of the Counter Communications System Block 10.2 on March 12 on Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. The 4th SPCS received the B10.2 from the Space and Missile Systems Center on Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif.,... Read more
Putin signs new constitutional amendments making him Russian president for life
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a raft of amendments to the constitution including a stipulation to enable the Russian leader to seek re-election. The changes must be approved by the constitutional court in the next seven days before they are put to the... Read more
Army sniper rifle program chooses a new optic
West coast optics manufacturer Leupold has done it again, this time securing a lucrative contract with the US Army to outfit its newest precision sniper rifles. The Oregon-based company made an announcement on the matter last week, celebrating the sealing of the deal that will involve the high-end Mk... Read more
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