China wants U.S. to scrap $2 billion dollar tank deal with Taiwan
Seth Robson Stars and Stripes China is demanding that the United States scrap a plan to sell more than $2 billion worth of military hardware, including M1A2 Abrams tanks and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, to Taiwan. Such a deal violates international law, norms of international relations, the “One China” policy... Read more
Corps want Marines to re-enlist, offering $90,000 bonus to stay
Christopher Dennis Stars and Stripes The Marine Corps is offering up to $90,000 in retention bonuses for high-demand career fields, including Raiders, reconnaissance and explosive ordnance disposal, as it seeks to retain young Marines with key skills. The selective reenlistment bonuses for fiscal year 2020 include incentives for aviation... Read more
Iran wants to start tolling ships sailing through Strait of Hormuz to counter U.S. sanctions
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes The Pentagon said it is committed to the “free flow of commerce” through the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway critical to global oil shipments, where Iranian lawmakers have proposed imposing transit tolls on ships that Tehran deems unfriendly. “The Strait of Hormuz is... Read more
Royal Navy forced to target Iranian boats attempting to seize British oil tanker in Gulf
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Five armed Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats on Wednesday unsuccessfully attempted to seize a British oil tanker in the Gulf, according to US media reports. The tanker was entering the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow strategic shipping route for oil that passes between Iran and the Arabian... Read more
U.S. moving drones to Romania to monitor the Black Sea
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes Air Force unmanned aircraft are flying out of a temporary camp in Romania, a move that puts intelligence-gathering capabilities closer to the Black Sea as tensions between U.S. partners and Russia continue in the region. The shift south for a group of MQ-9 Reapers... Read more
Army streamlining European emergency warning system
Stars and Stripes A new emergency messaging system for the Army community in Europe will begin operating later this month. Called “Alert! Mass Warning Notification System,” it is expected to streamline how personnel are alerted in the event of a crisis. It will replace the AtHoc system used by... Read more
NASA hopes to fund Mars mission by renting out space on ISS
The International Space Station is past its prime, and NASA is looking to rent it out to commercial concerns as the agency looks towards the Moon and Mars. With the first module of the station entering Low-Earth Orbit in the late 1990s, the ISS has outlived its projected service... Read more
Army offering $40,000 bonus for people to join the infantry
Caitlin M. Kenney Stars and Stripes The Army is handing out bonuses up to $40,000 for people who join the infantry as the military’s largest branch works to meet its 2019 recruitment goal with only months left in the fiscal year. Army leaders believe the bonuses will help them... Read more
Lecturer at U.S. funded Afghan University arrested for recruiting students to join ISIS
Phillip Walter Wellman Stars and Stripes A lecturer at a partially U.S.-funded university in Afghanistan’s capital was arrested on suspicion of recruiting students to join Islamic State, the country’s top intelligence agency said Monday. Three of his suspected recruits, who were accused by authorities of organizing several deadly ISIS... Read more
Air Force base damaged after California is rocked by 7.1 earthquake
Rose L. Thayer Stars and Stripes A tower at an off-base plant that supports operations at Edwards Air Force Base sustained damage Friday during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in southern California, base officials confirmed. Air operations have continued at the site despite the damage, Brig. Gen. John Teichert, commander... Read more
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