Iran’s supreme leader calls Trump, Pompeo ‘clowns’ during Friday sermon

Tehran (dpa) – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called US President Donald Trump a “clown” as he delivered a rare sermon during Friday prayers in Tehran.

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The spies among us: More Chinese agents digging up secrets in Florida
They’ve been caught taking photos of military installations, arrested trespassing at Mar-a-Lago, convicted of illegally exporting critical technology, and sentenced for working at federal research institutions while still on their home countries’ payroll. National security officials say it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Florida has become an increasingly... Read more
Turkish, Syrian intelligence chiefs meet in Russia, discuss working against Kurds together

Istanbul (dpa) – The intelligence chiefs of Turkey and Syria held a rare meeting in Moscow, a senior Turkish official confirmed to dpa on Tuesday.

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After Iran missiles hit Iraq base, the US military lost contact with multiple Predator drones

It’s a scenario the US trains for but rarely encounters- losing their air superiority edge during an armed confrontation.

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Iran’s Rouhani threatens European troops amid nuclear pressure
LONDON — Iran’s president issued a warning on Wednesday that European forces in the Middle East could be at risk if their nations joined the US pressure campaign against his country and challenged Tehran over breaking the limits of a 2015 nuclear deal. “Today, the American soldier is in... Read more
‘Red herring’: Trump, Barr say killing of Iran’s Soleimani was justified, whether or not threat was imminent
WASHINGTON – After asserting for more than a week that Gen. Qasem Soleimani posed an imminent threat to Americans when he was killed in a drone strike, President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr now say that whether the threat was immediate or not, the president had the... Read more
Croation fishing crew finds secret US Navy underwater system
A Croation fishing crew caught an interesting catch in the form of a US Navy underwater system out of the Adriatic Sea. The item was 460 feet under the water when it was netted by the crew, who hauled the 220-pound item onto the deck to check it out.... Read more
Videos show protesters in Iran were shot with live ammunition

Protesters in Tehran were fired upon while demonstrating against the shootdown of a civilian airliner, resulting in casualties inflicted upon Iranians by their own security forces.

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US Navy maintenance issue is costing $6 billion
It’s a $6 billion scourge that afflicts Navy destroyers, cruise ships and historic vessels like the Queen Mary without fear or favor. It’s such a problem that professional organizations and conferences are dedicated to its existence — and its suppression. It’s also on your shower head. The orange stain... Read more
Iran admits it accidentally shot down airliner
Elnur Baghishov Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan The plane of “International Airlines of Ukraine” was unintentionally shot down, reads the statement by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran, Trend reports. The statement states that during the attack by Iran on the US air base in Iraq... Read more
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