Trump officials chafe at second-guessing of North Korean missile sites
By David S. Cloud Los Angeles Times When workers at North Korea’s Sohae rocket facility began rebuilding the dormant site’s launch pad and engine test stand this month, U.S. spy satellites orbiting overhead quickly detected the construction. So did Joe Bermudez, a freelance North Korea military expert who keeps... Read more
Bombs Away: Best photos of our military for March 15th, 2019
From live exercises in Europe to training here in the states, this week’s best photos features both land and air units that are stationed both foriegn and domestic. In one photo we see a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System test a live rocket in the Adazi Training Area in... Read more
Taiwain is buying jets from the U.S. in exchange for strategic help against China
The island nation of Taiwan has requested a new batch of fighters from the USA- and the United States gets to advise on the type and number of aircraft they believe could best serve Taiwan. Constantly under threat of invasion by the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan has long... Read more
China looks to the stars to steal more power away from the U.S.
There are around 1,957 satellites in orbit around our planet. 849 of them belong to the United States- and out of those, only one of them -launched late last year- is resistant to jamming by foreign powers. While this should be alarming to the United States of America, it... Read more
Senate votes to defy Trump on Yemen, setting up eventual veto
By Daniel Flatley Bloomberg News The Senate voted to withdraw U.S. support for the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen as some Republicans joined Democrats in a rebuke of President Donald Trump over his response to the killing of columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The administration has threatened a veto. The resolution, approved... Read more
Trump requests largest-ever Pentagon budget, criticized by analysts as dead on arrival
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Pentagon on Tuesday unveiled its largest-ever budget request, asking Congress for $718.3 billion that emphasizes the need to modernize the aging U.S. inventory of weapons, begins building a Space Force and would boost troop pay by 3.1 percent. President Donald Trump’s plan to... Read more
Remembering James Howell Howard: Only P-51 Mustang pilot awarded Medal of Honor
World War II was a special time for combat aviation, a pivotal point in history when pilots and aircraft technology were forced into incredible transformations in order to keep up with the rapidly changing times. During this time, new plane designs made their way into the history books under... Read more
Iraq’s new war against Islamic State: Halting the group’s budding rural resurgence
Nabih Bulos Los Angeles Times It was after dark Wednesday when three buses pulled out of Mosul and headed southeast on a desolate desert road. The passengers were government-backed paramilitary fighters. The city lights were well behind them when the convoy came under attack. By the time the shooting... Read more
Boeing replacing outdated F-15C fleet with newer and cheaper models
Boeing’s new incarnation of the venerable F-15 will be padding the ranks of high-dollar aircraft such as the F-35 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor- and they won’t cost the US Air Force and arm and a leg to do so. New reports reveal that the new Boeing F-15X will... Read more
India plotted dangerous attack with Israeli help
Meher Bokhari Asia News Network Timely intelligence and backdoor messaging made it clear to India that a befitting response would be given if it were to go ahead with the planned attack, one which would possibly take the countries to a “point of no return.” And as the nuclear-armed... Read more
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