Bombs Away: Best images of our military for April 19th, 2019
This week’s images feature plenty of training, a test of strength and will, and a view of one of nature’s most spectacular phenomenons from a vantage point we will never see. In Kuwait, a Marine marksman goes through his embassy compound training. The group is part of the U.S.... Read more
Final flight: How a Russian stole a MIG and defected to the U.S. during the Cold War
How far would you go for freedom? Would you betray your own countrymen? Risk life and limb? Bake a cake? Although it’s going to be hard to believe, a Soviet fighter pilot checked “all of the above” on his list of things to do before defecting to the United... Read more
Iran shows off newest fighter jet, which came out 50 years ago
Amidst policy woes with the United States, Iran showcased its new fighter during the Thursday National Army Day Parade in Tehran, hoping to strike fear into the West with the country’s first indigenous fighter aircraft. There’s just one problem- not only is it not particularly terrifying, the United States... Read more
‘I’m having a good day,’ Trump says at wounded warrior event following release of Mueller report
Nikki Wentling Stars and Stripes In front of a backdrop of 29 veterans, President Donald Trump on Thursday expressed vindication following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report on possible collusion efforts between his campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 elections in his favor. The report... Read more
US, Indian navies practice hunting submarines together in Indian Ocean
Christian Lopez Stars and Stripes (TNS) A Navy P-8A Poseidon and guided-missile destroyer recently joined with the Indian navy’s P8-I Neptune for submarine-hunting drills near Diego Garcia. It was the first U.S. anti-submarine warfare exercise with India since the countries agreed in September to closer cooperation between their militaries.... Read more
Tours to Korean border area likely to resume soon on southern side, UNC says
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes Tours to the southern side of the truce village that straddles the border with North Korea are likely to resume “in relatively short order,” the United Nations Command said Thursday. But the UNC and the two Koreas still need to agree on a code... Read more
Officials dismiss speculation that rival nations might try to salvage downed Japanese F-35A
Hana Kusumoto and Seth Robson Stars and Stripes Speculation about foreign nations racing to find the wreckage of a downed F-35A stealth fighter in the Far East appears unfounded, according to U.S. and Japanese officials. A search for the lost aircraft, property of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, and... Read more
Detainee torture by Afghan forces remains at ‘disturbingly high’ level, UN says
Phillip Walter Wellman Stars and Stripes Reports of Afghan security forces torturing war prisoners have declined over the past two years but continue to take place at a “disturbingly high” level, a human rights organization said. Nearly a third of conflict-related detainees interviewed in Afghan prisons gave “credible and... Read more
North Korea announces first weapon test since summit collapse
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea has test-fired a new type of “tactical guided weapon,” it said Thursday, the first military move since the collapse of a nuclear summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. Kim supervised Wednesday’s test and praised it for having “very... Read more
III MEF commander nominated for Washington post after less than a year in Japan
Matthew M. Burke Stars and Stripes The III Marine Expeditionary Force’s commander will likely soon depart Okinawa after a short tenure marked by loosened liberty restrictions and an apparent slaying-suicide perpetrated by a servicemember. Lt. Gen. Eric Smith was nominated by President Donald Trump last week to serve as... Read more
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