Chinese navy ship makes secretive visit to Five Eyes partner, New Zealand
A Chinese Navy vessel will soon dock in New Zealand on an unknown mission, once again stirring doubt amongst fellow partners of the Five Eyes anglophone intelligence network. The Qi Jiguang has been welcomed by the New Zealand Defence Force as it prepares to dock in the land of... Read more
Army special operators look to counter disinformation, cyberwarfare in new strategy
Army Green Berets and Rangers will “get brilliant at the basics” to prepare for future battlefields where adversaries like Russia and China could knock out the secured combat outposts relied upon in more recent conflicts, according to a new U.S. Army Special Operations Command Strategy. “We will shift from... Read more
Iraq says US troops leaving Syria are not allowed to stay in country

The Iraqi military said Tuesday that US troops withdrawing from Syria amid a Turkish offensive are not permitted to stay in Iraq and will move outside the country.

Read more
Chinese-born US Navy officer with TS clearance arrested smuggling US weapons to China
A US Navy officer of Chinese origin has been busted for multiple federal charges, ranging from firearms law infractions to attempting to smuggle military-grade boats to Chinese government interests. Lieutenant Fan Yang, a Chinese-born US Navy Sailor who held a top secret clearance and worked with an Anti-Submarine Warfare... Read more
‘How long can we live like this?’: Kurds in growing refugee camp plead for help, end to losses, suffering
As Turkish artillery battered her neighborhood, Haifa Ahmad gathered up her kids and fled last week from Qamishli, a mostly Kurdish city on Syria’s northern border with Turkey. Now, she and her four children — along with her sister and her two young ones — are residents of white... Read more
U.S. troops in Syria heading to Iraq, not home as Trump claims
KABUL, Afghanistan — While President Donald Trump insists he’s bringing home Americans from “endless wars” in the Mideast, his Pentagon chief says all U.S. troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq and the American military will continue operations against the Islamic State group. They aren’t coming home and... Read more
Chinese knockoff: China debuts new helicopter that looks exactly like the Black Hawk
A new Chinese helicopter recently appeared at the 5th China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin earlier this month- and it looks suspiciously familiar. Adding fuel to the fiery stereotype that Chinese engineers excel at copying other nations’ products, the new Z-20 helicopter looks an awful lot like a UH-60 Black... Read more
Digital upgrade: Air Force has stopped using floppy disks to manage U.S. nuclear launch system
The US Air Force is stepping out of the past and into the present by ditching floppy disks, which have been used for nuclear weapons deployment since the 1970s. The US Strategic Command claims that the drives have been replaced with a “highly-secure solid-state digital storage solution,” which will... Read more
U.S. monitoring Kurdish-Turkey ceasefire with drones, not soldiers
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes American troops will not physically monitor the temporary ceasefire in northeastern Syria between NATO ally Turkey and the Kurdish-dominated militia that the United States has backed in recent years to fight the Islamic State in that country, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday. Esper... Read more
What’s in a name? Navy comes out with new ship naming guidelines
A new series of ship-naming conventions has come down the pipe for the U.S. Navy, setting a list of guidelines for what kind of vessels get their namesake from. The memorandum put out by the Navy and obtained by the U.S. Naval Institute, lists several naming convention rules, as... Read more
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