The U.S. Air Force Is Starving Its A-10 Squadrons—Again
Since February 2016 the U.S. Air Force has been trumpeting that it has ended—or at least paused—its extended campaign against the A-10 and the close air support mission. “As a mission, we’re fully committed to close air support,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein assured reporters at... Read more
In Iraq and Syria, U.S. Aircraft Rely on a New Kind of Rocket
The Pentagon is fast-tracking new orders of laser-guided precision rockets needed to attack Islamic State as U.S. aircraft maintain an extremely high tempo of offensive operations in Iraq and Syria. A-10 Warthog attack planes, and other aircraft, have been attacking Islamic State fighters with Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System rockets—laser-guided... Read more
The Italian M-346 Fighter Pilot Trainer Is Almost Undefeated
Italian aerospace conglomerate Leonardo submitted its bid for the U.S. Air Force’s T-X advanced jet trainer program in March 2017. The company will submit its flight data for its T-100 aircraft—a derivative of the M-346 Master advanced jet trainer—by the end of this month. Leonardo is going head-to-head against... Read more
Watch a B-52 Drop a Bunker-Buster on ISIS
U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers have been bombing Islamic State since April 2016. Flying from Al Udeid in Qatar, the eight-engine warplanes launched their first strike — against an ISIS weapons-storage facility in Iraq — on April 18, 2016. The B-52s have mainly flown close-air-support and air-interdiction missions, dropping... Read more
The 1950s-Era Stratofortress Can Keep Flying for Another 50 Years
Replacing the venerable Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber’s eight antiquated Pratt & Whitney TF-33 engines with modern turbofans is increasingly becoming a top-priority for the U.S. Air Force. Replacing those antiquated powerplants will greatly increase the range, endurance and fuel efficiency of the B-52 while also reducing the workload... Read more
Así es cómo se ve un avión de transporte C-5 Galaxy cuando casi se estrella al aterrizar
La imagen de la cabecera fue tomada el 22 de mayo de 2017 en la base naval de Rota en España. Nos la envió un usuario de Twitter (gracias, @asetanton) y se ve un avión de transporte C-5M Galaxy del Ejército del Aire estadounidense, con número de matrícula 86-0020,... Read more
This Is What It Looks Like When a C-5 Galaxy Nearly Crash-Lands
The top image was reportedly taken on May 22, 2017 at Rota air base in Spain. Sent to us by a Twitter user — thank you, @asetanton — it shows a U.S. Air Force C-5M Galaxy cargo aircraft, registration 86-0020, after performing a gear-up landing at the Spanish base.... Read more
Looks Like the Russians Tried to Lure U.S. Stealth Fighters Into an Intel Trap
On the night of May 3, 2017, two Russian Tu-95MS Bear bombers, escorted by two Su-35S Flanker-E fighters, flew into Alaska’s Air Defense Identification Zone. Two U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors intercepted the formation some 50 miles south of Chariot, Alaska. The Su-35 is a “4++ generation” aircraft characterized... Read more
F-22s Will Soon Be Able to Kill Enemy Fighters From 50-Percent Farther
Developmental testers at Edwards Air Force Base in California have completed testing on the F-22 Raptor’s Increment 3.2B upgrade. The new configuration will significantly boost the stealthy fifth-generation air superiority fighter’s already fearsome air-to-air capabilities. As part of the final hurdle, F-22 Raptors assigned to the 411th Flight Test... Read more
I Went to War Against Stealth Fighters—And Lost Badly
On April 26, 2017, I had the opportunity to fly on a training sortie during the U.S. Air Force’s Atlantic Trident 17 exercise at Joint Base Langley Eustis in Virginia. The war game brings together the three premier NATO air forces and the best operational fighters in the alliance’s... Read more
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