Russian Bombing Helps Islamic State Advance
Surprise, surprise — Russia’s intervention in Syria is backfiring, The New York Times reports. The Kremlin has said its military had entered Syria to fight the Islamic State, but the Russian forces have concentrated much of their firepower on insurgent groups aligned against President Bashar Al Assad, including the... Read more
America Is Taking a New Approach to Syria’s Rebels
The Pentagon has opted to halt its training program for members of the Free Syrian Army. According to The Washington Post, America saw little worth in maintaining the New Syrian Forces, an FSA subunit with fighters drawn from Division 30. The program never made much sense to begin with. U.S. advisers trained dozens of recruits... Read more
Russia Bombs Rescuers in Syria
Russian warplanes began bombing rebels in Syria on Sept. 30. And on Oct. 3, an apparent Russian air raid in Idlib killed at least one volunteer rescuer from the White Helmets group. White Helmets described the bombing as a “double-tap.” In other words, one bomb exploded. And when the... Read more
Russia Wants a Piece of the Syrian Civil War
In true Soviet tradition, Russia supports socialist dictatorships in North Africa and Southwest Asia. Though Russian-allied governments in Iraq and Libya have collapsed in the last two decades, Syria survives — and remains one of Moscow’s most important friends in a region where many people now view Russia as... Read more
Even More Iraqi and Syrian Civilians May Have Died in U.S. Air Strikes
The United States has carried out thousands of air strikes in Iraq and Syria, and doesn’t know how many civilians have died in them. But now we’ve learned that the U.S. military’s top headquarters for the region is still investigating nearly two dozen incidents. Earlier in August, War Is Boring obtained an official... Read more
The Pentagon Doesn’t Know How Many Civilians It Has Killed in Iraq and Syria
The Pentagon has looked into hundreds of possible civilian casualties from the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. But Washington is having trouble keeping track of everything — including its own allies. Since August 2014, the American-led coalition has lobbed nearly 14,000 bombs and missiles in thousands of individual... Read more
I Went On the World’s Deadliest Road Trip
Sprinting through a gap in the barbed wired at the border between Turkey and Syria as a Turkish armored vehicle pursued us and soldiers fired warning shots in the air. Waiting in a Syrian pomegranate grove for our ride: a pair of veteran Syrian rebels driving a pastel yellow... Read more
No More Chemical Weapons, No Problem—Syria Steps Up Firebombings Instead
The Syrian air force jet screamed over the Ibn Tufail Commercial Secondary School in the city of Raqa, in Syria’s rebel-controlled north, at around 8:05 in the morning on Sept. 29. It released two bombs. In a thunderclap of noise and fire, at least 14 people died—12 of them... Read more
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