Why the Russian Military Is Reaching Into the Arctic
In the summer of 2007, Russia planted a flag on the seabed of the North Pole. Russian state television covered the event as a submersible packed with explorers and Kremlin officials descended to the depths of the Arctic and laid claim over its potential resources for Russia. Canada complained, but... Read more
America’s Special Operations Forces Are Stretched Thin
America is at war with Islamic State. Typically, citizens think this war comes in the form of drone strikes, signals intelligence and cooperation with regional partners. But that’s only part of the story. Even while popular opinion has shunned U.S. “boots on the ground” in the Middle East, U.S. special... Read more
The Psychics With Top-Secret Security Clearances
Even if you think a government program to fund research into extrasensory perception, remote viewing and mind reading is crazy, U.S. taxpayers have paid for it. This week on War College, Pulitzer Prize finalist Annie Jacobsen walks us through the years she spent digging through government documents while researching the... Read more
Russia’s Military Modernization Push Is a Game of Catch Up
Russia has gone to pains to display its refurbished and modern military the last few years. First in Georgia, then in Ukraine and now in Syria. Pundits, journalists and bloggers have marveled at how far Moscow’s military has come after the decade of decay following the collapse of the... Read more
Will the Saudi-Iran Cold War Turn Hot?
Saudi Arabia executes an influential cleric who is a member of the Saudi Shia minority. Iran’s government, which sees itself as the leader of the Shia world, doesn’t work very hard to stop an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran that follows the execution. In response, Saudi Arabia... Read more
In North Korea, Kids Learn to Love the Bomb — and Minnie Mouse
North Korea is the most mysterious and oppressive regime on earth. Few journalists penetrate Pyongyang and fewer still stay long enough to understand the country and its people. Jean Lee is one of those determined few. In 2012, Lee established an Associated Press bureau in North Korea. She spent... Read more

Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor

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