China Has Begun Listening for American Submarines
Originally published on April 13, 2014. China has begin installing sensitive hydrophones on the floor of the China Seas in an effort to detect and track submarines belonging to the U.S. and its allies. Lyle Goldstein and Shannon Knight, both highly-respected naval analysts, described the new listening system as... Read more
Podcast–No One Wins if China and America Go to War
Every week, War Is Boring and Reuters sit down to discuss the stories behind the front lines. It’s War College and this week we’re talking to David Axe about China’s military might–in a relative sense. The United States has the world’s most powerful global military and its ability to... Read more
A War With China Would Be Bloody—and Stupid
Sidney Rittenberg knows a thing or two about China. During World War II, he learned fluent Mandarin as a U.S. Army linguist, worked in China, left the Army and joined the Chinese Communist Party. He became friends with Mao Zedong and spent 16 years in solitary confinement—as Mao’s prisoner.... Read more
Meet the American Who Joined Mao’s Revolution
Sidney Rittenberg greets me with a faint, friendly voice in the lobby of his condo building in Bellevue, Washington. Ninety three years old, wearing a striped blue polo shirt and khaki cargo pants, he walks slowly but appears remarkably healthy for his age. If you didn’t know his background,... Read more
China’s Got a New Mountain Tank
The Chinese army appears to have fielded a brand-new light tank suitable for mountain warfare. New photos depict the diminutive fighting vehicle, which China has reportedly dubbed “ZTQ,” trundling across rough terrain. The ZTQ, which Beijing apparently developed in order to help defend China’s western land border, is impressive... Read more
Here’s an Even Better Look at China’s Giant New Cruiser
One photo at a time, Beijing’s military-industrial-media complex is slowly showing the world the Chinese navy’s giant future warship, the Type 055. The latest disclosures include a glimpse of the vessel’s potentially sophisticated new radar. The first blurry, low-resolution images of the new cruiser—more accurately, a land-based mock-up of... Read more
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