See for Yourself — How U.S. Air Force Gunships Hunted Down the Taliban
Check It Out — The Private Air Force Helping to Train American Fighter Pilots
Watch — Russian Attack Helicopters Blast Islamic State
Russian attack helicopters have played a key role support Syrian regime forces taking back territory the regime lost to Islamic State. A videographer spotted a high-tech Mi-28 copter over the ancient city of Palmyra in late March.   Other Russian attack helicopters in Syria include the Mi-35 and the... Read more
The U.S. Air Force’s New Stealth Bomber Looks Awfully Familiar
The U.S. Air Force’s new stealth bomber looks a lot like its old stealth bomber. That’s no accident. The B-21 — the outline and designation of which Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James revealed in February — is being designed by Northrop Grumman, manufacturer of the B-21... Read more
A-10 Warthogs Battle ISIS … And Fight for Their Future
The U.S. Air Force has been trying to retire its 300 A-10 Warthog attack jets for several years now, arguing that the 1980s-vintage tank-killlers are out of date and too vulnerable — and that new F-35 stealth fighters are adequate replacements. But Congress isn’t having it. Lawmakers keep adding... Read more
For Sale Soon, an Anti-Drone Bazooka
Drones got you down? British company is offering a new way to ensnare and bring down robotics planes operating illegally in your airspace — the SkyWall 100, a net-firing bazooka. “The proliferation of cheap and easy to fly drones has triggered a rise in the number of incidents where... Read more
Syria’s Invisible Urban Refugees
Suleiman Fais recalled the moment he had to flee Syria for his life. “The shells were falling near me. Then shells started to fall on buildings all around us,” he said. “A bulldozer came and demolished all the houses in the area. And my house was already destroyed by... Read more
In This Syrian Refugee Camp, People Just Want to Go Home
In the Bab Al Salameh refugee camp in Syria along the Turkish border, living conditions are terrible in an absolute sense but somewhat better in a relative sense. It’s hot, there is no electricity and getting water is a struggle. And the camp is not safe, by any means. Samera... Read more
One Simple Fact About Syrian Refugees
For all the fearmongering over Syrian refugees, here is one simple but obvious fact — no refugee is happy being one. For the most part, the refugees want to return to their country, the main obstacle being many don’t have one to go back to. “I’m not happy at all... Read more
For This Syrian Rebel Sniper, the War Is Personal
Said Mermet joined the Free Syrian Army after the military killed his nephew. “After he died, I couldn’t take it anymore,” he said. “Fighting the regime is not about revenge, but I am trying to honor my nephew.” His house — blown up. His former job — computer technician. His... Read more

Zack Baddorf


Zack Baddorf is a multimedia journalist with 10 years of video, radio, print, photo and web reporting in more than 30 countries, including Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the West Bank, Kashmir, and Iraq, as well as rebel-held territory in Sri Lanka and Burma. Most recently, Baddorf spent a year working as a civilian videographer for the U.S. special forces command in Afghanistan. Baddorf served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania and worked for a year for an international non-governmental organization in South Sudan doing media development. He served in the U.S. military for five years as a journalist, reporting from across Asia and the Middle East.

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