Hashem All-e-Agha Was Iran’s Top F-14 Pilot
Part one of two. Read part two. During the first four years of the Iran-Iraq War, one Iranian F-14 pilot earned a fearful reputation — especially in Iraq. Amazingly enough, he remains entirely unknown to the public, even in Iran. This might seem unsurprising, considering Iran’s fascistic regime and its ongoing... Read more
The Su-22 Is Syria’s War-Weary Warhorse
The Sukhoi Design Bureau forged a reputation for big and powerful fighter-bombers. Today, the Russian company primarily builds different variants of the Su-27. Almost unnoticed, a dwindling number of much older Sukhoi Su-22s remain in service. In Syria, together with much more powerful Su-24s, they form the backbone of an... Read more
What’s Left of the Syrian Arab Army?
The general impression is that the Syrian Arab Army remains the largest military force involved in the Syrian Civil War, and that — together with the so-called National Defense Forces — it remains the dominant military service under the control of government of Pres. Bashar Al Assad. Media that are at least sympathetic to... Read more