The 14-inch coastal gun ‘Winnie’ west of St. Margaret’s at Cliffe. Public domain photo Massive coastal artillery slugged it out at Hellfire Corner — and civilians mostly paid the price by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN When German Panzers rolled into the French coastal region around Calais in late May 1940, their crews could stare across... Read more
A Gambian soldiers salutes the Senegalese anthem during an meeting in 2012. Pentagon photo ECOWAS moves to oust long-time strongman Yahya Jammeh by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN On Jan. 18, 2017, The Gambia’s parliament extended long-time Pres. Yahya Jammeh’s term as by three months and declared a state of emergency. On Jan. 19,... Read more
Disabled Iraqi MRAP and Humvee in Mosul. CNN capture Urban warfare exacts a terrible toll by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN On Dec. 1, 2016, the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq reported that 1,959 Iraqi Security Forces troops had died in combat during the month of November, including army, police on combat operations,... Read more
Polish revolutionary Jozef Bem on a 10 złoty note of a type issued in 1950. Plarem photo via Wikimedia Józef Bem fought for Polish and Hungarian independence before converting to Islam and joining the Ottoman Empire by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN Defeated radicals plotting revolution from exile. Poles opposing Russian influence in... Read more
In 1965, U.S. and Dominican Tanks Fought Brief, Violent Skirmishes
Tanks have rarely been used in battle in the Western Hemisphere — and fights between tanks are even rarer. But the Dominican Republic in 1965 was one of the exceptions, when Constitutionalist rebels fought the armored vehicles of invading U.S. Marines in the streets of the capital city, Santo Domingo. Stranger yet, the... Read more
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