Where Is America’s Battle of Britain?
Where have all the good Air Force movies gone? Air power should, and occasionally does, sell at the box office. But Officer and a Gentleman, Top Gun, Flight of the Intruder and Rescue Dawn all depicted Navy pilots. In Independence Day, Marine aviator Will Smith saves the world, alternating... Read more
Let’s Argue Over the Politics of Independent Air Forces
In 1962, as Pres. John F. Kennedy considered how to respond to the deployment of Soviet missiles to Cuba, the loudest voices for escalation came from the United States Air Force. Famously, Gen. Curtis LeMay—one of the most effective operational commanders in American history and a veteran of World... Read more
Screw Manned Air Power—Drones Could Change Everything
The novelty of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can obscure how well they fit within traditional air power theory. Drones’ capacity for combining persistent surveillance with precision-guided munitions makes them useful for air campaigns designed to detach the sinews of enemy military and governmental institutions. Indeed, if neoclassical air power theory... Read more
This Is Why People Don’t Trust the Air Force With Air Power
Last week at Foreign Affairs, U.S. Air Force Col. Robert Spalding III offered a response to my earlier article “Ground the Air Force.” I’d like to thank Col. Spalding for his contribution, and to offer the following response to several of his points. Colonel Spalding opens with a revealing... Read more
Let’s Kick the Air Force Out of Space
So if we abolished the U.S. Air Force, as we’ve argued we should, what would that process look like, and what would it leave behind? The Air Force is the lead agency for U.S. military operations in space. So who should talk over in orbit? The Navy should. And... Read more
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