The Arms Industry Is Ripe Pickings for Hackers
Israel’s Iron Dome rocket-defense system may not work, but China would like to know for itself. Recent reports indicate that Chinese hackers have attempted to steal data on the Iron Dome from Israeli contractor Rafael. Iron Dome is depicted above in the photo by the AP’s Tsafrir Abayov. This... Read more
Here’s One Way to Totally Reorganize the U.S. Military
My new book Grounded isn’t the first proposal aimed at totally doing away with the U.S. Air Force. In 1982 John Byron—then a Navy commander and submarine skipper—argued that the United States should reorganize its military around three branches, eliminating the Air Force and creating a new Strategic Deterrent... Read more
The U.S. Navy’s Biggest Base Is Sinking
What if the U.S. Navy’s main base in Norfolk, Virginia sinks? It could happen. And it’s not an isolated problem, as climate change alters coastlines all over the world. A report from the American Security Project identifies Naval Station Norfolk as America’s fifth most endangered military base. The report... Read more
On Second Thought, Let’s Not Bomb Iraq
Why not just go all the way? Why not let the terrorists, such as they are, take over Iraq—and then bomb the Hell out of it? Franz Gayl’s argument has the virtues of clarity and simplicity and counts on air power—America’s “asymmetric advantage”—to keep the war far from our... Read more
Below Ground, Under an Imposing Artifice, a Great Museum of a Terrible War
The National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, is gearing up for the centennial of the Great War. I just visited. You should, too. It’s a good experience despite the institution’s flaws. In preparation for the first months of the centennial, the museum has opened the new... Read more
Disband the Royal Air Force!
Could the campaign to eliminate independent air forces succeed with the world’s first independent air force? Some air-power critics associated with the Royal Navy are lobbying the U.K. government to disband the Royal Air Force. “Air power as a joint concept cannot, and is not, best delivered from an... Read more
This Anime Is an Aviation History Masterpiece
Last year, one of Japan’s most acclaimed directors released a film that stood in stark contrast to nearly all of his previous works. Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises is a loose biography of Jiro Horikoshi, the man behind the famous A6M Zero fighter plane. Miyazaki’s is better known for... Read more
Australia Is Getting Aircraft Carriers, Sort Of
Pretty soon, the Royal Australian Navy will take possession of HMAS Canberra, a 27,000-ton-displacement, flat-deck amphibious assault ship. The RAN plans to use Canberra and her sister HMAS Adelaide to manage crises across the South Pacific. But could the Canberras also give Australia an offensive naval air capability that... Read more
Time for America to Rethink the Way It Nukes People
America’s nuclear weapons are getting old. More to the point, the submarines, rockets and planes that deliver the nukes are rusting away. Designed during the Cold War, all three legs of the sea-, air-, and land-based nuclear “triad” need replacement fairly soon. The means spending potentially hundreds of billions... Read more
The Israeli B-52 Is a Terrible Idea
In April 2014, retired Air Force lieutenant general David Deptula and Michael Makovsky of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal arguing that the United States should turn over a dozen surplus B-52 heavy bombers to Israel. Deptula and Makovsky said... Read more
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