The Navy Wants to Scrap a Perfectly Good Cruiser
USS Port Royal is one of the most powerful warships in the U.S. Navy, packing 122 vertical missile cells. She’s a rarity—one of just five Aegis cruisers equipped with the technology to shoot down ballistic missiles. And at just 20 year old, she’s also the youngest of America’s 22... Read more
Pro-Kremlin Viral Video Imagines Ukraine War
A steely-eyed Russian insurgent sits in a dingy tunnel, patiently loading rounds into an AK-47 magazine. From far above the tunnel, the viewer can hear the sound of distant, muffled explosions. The blasts are slight, but reverberate through the brick walls and shake dust from an overhead crevice. Propaganda... Read more
Chernobyl—Another Casualty of the Ukraine Crisis
Chernobyl—Another Casualty of the Ukraine Crisis There’s not enough money to finish atomic disaster site’s new containment structure  Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement arch under construction on April 2, 2014. SSE Chernobyl NPP photo In 2010, Ukraine began working on a new, climate-controlled sarcophagus designed to seal off the irradiated... Read more
Another Military Base Shooting Doesn’t Make It Common
Mass shootings are a blight on America. The latest, at the Army’s base at Fort Hood in Texas on April. 2, resulted in the deaths of four people including the shooter, identified as Spc. Ivan Lopez. Media attention will inevitably focus on both Fort Hood, site of the 2009... Read more
There’s Nothing Cheesier Than Egyptian Military Propaganda
It wasn’t exactly a surprise when Egypt’s top general announced he was running for president on March 26. Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El Sisi has been Egypt’s ruling strongman since last July’s popular uprising—and military coup—against former Pres. Mohammed Morsi. In the meantime, Sisi has developed a canny public... Read more
Don’t Mess With Poland
Four years ago, Poland was set to become the staging ground for advanced U.S. ballistic missile interceptors. But after the plan collapsed—and seeing defense budgets in the rest of Europe on the decline—Polish political leaders decided they needed their military to fend for itself. And now with an aggressive... Read more
Secret Warplane Appears Over Texas
Photographers have spotted what appears to be a previously unknown type of stealth warplane flying over Texas. Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett, both veteran plane-spotters, snapped photos of at least one, and possibly three, examples of the new aircraft and their contrails near Amarillo on March 10. Ace reporter... Read more
The Danish Military Has a New Retro-Futuristic Machine Gun
The Danish military might seem tiny, but you don’t want mess with it. This goes extra for the Danish army’s machine guns. The Danes have been fighting in Afghanistan as long as the United States. Although Denmark officially ended its combat role in 2013, it still has around 300... Read more
The God-Awful Military Record of the Texas Republic
I’m hunting around for a few words to describe the bizarre, ultra-violent years when my home state existed as an independent nation. Desperate, patriotic and paranoid—there are a few. But the one that stands out the most is lucky. How did a nation with such a disastrous military record... Read more
The Apocalyptic Pirates of the Ancient World
Every age has its pirates. Most of the time—such as the modern piracy off the coasts of Africa—high-seas freebooting is a nuisance and a law and order problem. For the pirates, it’s an opportunity to get rich quick. But there was once a time when piracy was an existential... Read more

Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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