Los comandos rusos van por ahí en todoterrenos, armados con minas
El Ejército ruso se apoya en la disrupción y decepción para vencer a un enemigo que pudiera estar más avanzado tecnológicamente ─una práctica que se remonta a antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial─. Actualmente el Ejército ruso está aumentando su adiestramiento en el antiguo arte de plantar minas tras... Read more
A Giant Crane Fell on an Indian Stealth Ship
Disaster struck the first of a new class of Indian frigates in late April 2018 when a towering, 250-ton crane came toppling down onto the vessel during heavy winds as she sat in dry dock. The vessel — which is under construction — was not damaged, according to the... Read more
Landlocked Bolivia Has a Navy?
In April 2018, Flavio Gustavo Arce San Martin — a vice admiral in the Bolivian navy — inaugurated an institute in La Paz for studying how to best protect and administer Bolivia’s maritime interests. It’s a typical institutional foundation for any navy. Except Bolivia has no coastline, because the country... Read more
A German General Said a Soviet Attack Was Like ‘the Middle Ages’
On Jan. 11, 1942, the few surviving tanks of the Panzer-Abteilungen 103, a tank battalion, sat in the snow alongside soldiers from the 29th Infantry Division west of Stalingrad as the Soviet forces closed in. After the German 6th Army won the fight for the city, a Soviet counterattack... Read more
History’s Greatest Gay General
This story originally appeared on March 9, 2014. Frederick the Great is one of history’s most famous and adept military commanders. He’s not Napoleon, but pretty damn close. The 18th-century Prussian king is credited with transforming a backwater patchwork of Baltic lands into a modern state—all while fending off... Read more
Sweden’s Never-Built Nuclear Submarine Would’ve Been a Hazard
In terms of modern diesel-electric submarines, it’s hard to beat Sweden. In 2005, one of them — the 200-foot-long HMS Gotland — sneaked up and virtually destroyed the American Nimitz-class carrier USS Ronald Reagan in a simulated war game. That was due in part to the ultra-quiet Stirling engines... Read more
Una de las mejores variantes del fusil AK-47 es polaca
El 28 de marzo de 2018, dos fabricantes de armas ─uno polaco y el otro nigeriano─ anunciaron que Nigeria empezaría a fabricar fusiles Beryl en virtud de un acuerdo de transferencia de tecnología, según una noticia publicada por Jane’s. Se trata de un acuerdo bastante bueno para Polish Armaments... Read more
A Future German Fighter Jet’s Main Enemy Is the F-35
Germany’s military is a case study in an armed force in need of new equipment. The problems cut across the Bundeswehr and are particularly acute with the aging air force. Germany’s combat air fleet — around 180 fighters — has around 85 Panavia Tornados with the rest being Eurofighter Typhoons.... Read more
A Gigantic T-35 Tank Rolls Out of a Factory, 80 Years After Production Ended
In April 2018, a very large and interesting machine rolled out of a military museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, a town in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region. It was a T-35 — one of the most bizarre tanks of the interwar period and known in particular for its five turrets, huge size... Read more
This Chinese Future Weapon Is Absurd
To hear Chinese state media tell it, the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army will go into battle in the future wearing an array of high-tech gizmos. In their hands will be enormous weapons combining a rifle with a 20-millimeter grenade launcher akin to the old — and cancelled... Read more

Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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