The U.S. Military’s Poor Record Training the Iraqi Army
There’s good news coming out of Iraq … again. The efforts of a 65-nation coalition and punishing U.S. airstrikes have helped local ground forces roll back gains by the Islamic State. Government forces and Shiite militias, for example, recaptured the city of Tikrit, while Kurdish troops ousted I.S. fighters... Read more
America’s Secret African Drone War Targets the Islamic State
On Oct. 7 at an “undisclosed location” somewhere in “Southwest Asia,” men wearing different types of camouflage and dun-colored boots gathered before a black backdrop adorned with Arabic script. They were attending a ceremony that mixed solemnity with celebration, the commemoration of a year of combat that left scores... Read more
Iraq, Afghanistan and Other Special Ops ‘Successes’
They’re some of the best soldiers in the world — highly trained, well equipped, and experts in weapons, intelligence gathering and battlefield medicine. They study foreign cultures and learn local languages. They’re smart, skillful, wear some very iconic headgear, and their 12-member teams are “capable of conducting the full... Read more
Fuerzas de Operaciones Especiales estadounidenses desplegadas en 135 países
Puedes encontrártelos en polvorientos páramos abrasados por el sol, húmedos bosques tropicales o las saladas costas del tercer mundo. Con firmeza, sacudidos por la corriente de aire del rotor de un helicóptero o muertos de calor bajo el implacable sol del desierto, instruyen, chillan y convencen mientras unos tipos... Read more
U.S. Special Operations Forces Deployed to 135 Countries
You can find them in dusty, sunbaked badlands, moist tropical forests, and the salty spray of third-world littorals. Standing in judgement, buffeted by the rotor wash of a helicopter or sweltering beneath the relentless desert sun, they instruct, yell and cajole as skinnier men playact under their watchful eyes. In many... Read more
U.S. Special Ops Make Friends With War Criminals
“Africa is a challenging place today and one that, if left unattended, is likely to be the birthplace of many more challenges in the future,” Army Secretary John McHugh said recently. Since 9/11, in fact, the continent has increasingly been viewed by the Pentagon as a place of problems... Read more

Nick Turse

Managing editor of TomDispatch and a fellow at the Nation Institute.

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