When the Earth Touched the Sky
A controlled IED blast in Zari in april. David Axe photo When the Earth Touched the Sky How eerie calm led to sudden death in the Afghanistan war’s final months This story was updated on June 16 to include comments from Richard Newton Pvt. 1st Class Cody Towse believed... Read more
China’s Accidental Spies
via Chinese Internet China’s Accidental Spies Is an unassuming group of Chinese bloggers who are obsessed with military hardware doing the Pentagon’s work? Or Beijing’s? The jet fighter suddenly appears directly overhead, twin engines roaring, landing gear dangling like claws, diamond-shaped wings tracing an impressive black silhouette against the... Read more


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David Axe photo Ambushed! From the archives, a deadly roadside battle at the height of the Afghan war in 2009 It started with a threat. At a checkpoint in Baraki Barak district, Afghan security guards protecting the American combat outpost stopped a driver. When they insisted on searching the... Read more
Jet Fighter Influence
Sometime in the spring of 2012 Al Bunting received a message imploring him to publicly endorse America’s warplane of the future. Bunting, a retired senior Air Force officer and administrator for the tiny New Jersey coastal town of Sea Girt, was not alone. Across the Garden State in 2011... Read more
War Junkie

War Junkie

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David Axe photo War Junkie Combat becomes an addiction in this archive story Morning. Jan. 27, 2005. Baqubah, occupied Iraq. A hundred surly Arabs and a bunch of bemused GIs gather in a musty provincial government building. It’s a chance for known insurgents to sign a pledge against violence... Read more
Death, Darkness and the Deserters
A Chadian soldier. David Axe Photo Death, Darkness and the Deserters From the archives, a harrowing tale of African desert warfare from June 2008 It started with singing. I was in my sweltering hovel at a guest house in Abeche in eastern Chad on a Friday evening when I... Read more
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