Who Wants a Flamethrower?
Flamethrowers are among the most brutal and horrifying weapons of modern warfare. They strike terror in enemies and are often a frightening weapon even for their own users to wield. Allied and Axis forces used them to merciless effect in World War II. As contributor Paul Huard explained in... Read more
Las armas de fuego subacuáticas son una cosa, y Rusia está de verdad en ello
La Unión Soviética empezó a desarrollar armas subacuáticas hace casi 50 años. La idea era dotar a los hombres rana de los comandos y a otros buceadores de combate de un arma adecuada para un enfrentamiento bajo el agua, ya que aunque tales enfrentamientos subacuáticos resultasen muy raros y... Read more
Underwater Firearms Are a Thing, and Russia Is Really Into Them
The Soviet Union began developing underwater guns nearly 50 years ago. The idea — to arm commando frogmen and other combat divers for underwater engagements, however rare and unlikely these subsurface firefights might actually be. In the late 1960s, Moscow enlisted “TsNIITochMash” — the Central Scientific Research Institute of... Read more
Hezbollah May Come Out of the Syrian Civil War Stronger Than Ever
When Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah confirmed in May 2013 that Hezbollah had joined the Syrian Civil War on the side of Pres. Bashar Al Assad’s embattled government, it marked a major political and military shift for the Lebanese Shi’ite militia. For the first time in decades, Hezbollah is now focused... Read more
Key West Declared a Faux War on the United States in 1982
Originally published on April 3, 2015. The people of Key West, Florida don’t take kindly to bullies, especially federal bullies. When Washington blocked the only road to the mainland, the islanders formed their own nation … then caused a series of international incidents. It all started on April 18, 1982,... Read more
Ya a la venta una ametralladora de pelotón civil
Durante casi 30 años la M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon ha sido la ametralladora ligera utilizada por los pelotones de infantería del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense, y hasta hace poco también por los pelotones del Cuerpo de Infantería de Marina estadounidense. Y desde ya puedes adquirir en tu armería de... Read more
World War II Just Might Have Saved ‘Gatsby’ and Fitzgerald
On Sale Now — A Civilian Squad Machine Gun
For almost 30 years the M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon has been the go-to light machine gun for U.S. Army infantry squads — and Marine Corps squads, too, until recently. And now you can walk into your local gun shop and purchase a semi-automatic M-249S SAW, a replica of the... Read more
The CIA Battled the Kremlin With Books and Movies
Originally published on May 2, 2015. During the Cold War, Moscow’s Ministry of Culture was a master of censorship. The Kremlin’s cultural bulwark screened non-Russian films, suppressed literature and shaped the lives of Soviet artists. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency also dabbled in the dark arts of cultural influence.... Read more
Twenty-five German Prisoners Escaped from a Phoenix POW Camp During World War II
During World War II, the United States held 400,000 Axis prisoners of war in some 500 POW camps. Some of these camps were located in the Midwest and Great Plains areas, but the majority were in the South and Southwest. “At the same time that the prison camps were... Read more
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