The Syrians Weren’t the First to Gas Each Other
Syrian rebels. Via Wikimedia Commons The Syrians Weren’t the First to Gas Each Other Mankind’s got a long, awful history of chemical atrocities The Syrian government has used chemical weapons, including sarin nerve agent, against rebel fighters “multiple times in the last year,” the U.S. intelligence community has concluded.... Read more
The Undead Drug Lord of Michoacan
Nazario Moreno. EstrellaTV screencap The Undead Drug Lord of Michoacan Nazario Moreno, once a powerful Mexican drug trafficker, is most likely dead. But don’t tell that to his followers. A powerful Mexican drug lord who was killed in a gun battle more than two years ago now commands his... Read more
China’s Overhyped Sub Threat
It was the U.S. Navy’s biggest jolt in years. On Oct. 26, 2006, a Chinese Song-class attack submarine quietly surfaced within nine miles of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk as the 80,000-ton-diplacement vessel sailed on a training exercise in the East China Sea between Japan and Taiwan. The... Read more
Flattops or Not: Japan’s Dilemma
js hyuga. department of defense photo. Flattops or Not: Japan’s Dilemma Tokyo’s aircraft carriers once ruled the waves; could they make a comeback? Seventy years ago, Japan had the most powerful navy in the world. The Imperial Japanese Navy, or Nihon Kaigun, boasted 10 aircraft carriers and 10 battleships... Read more
Congo’s Violent Rape Epidemic Needs a Cure
November is hot in Congo. Every month is hot in Congo. So it’s likely their faces shone with sweat when the first residents of Duru, in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, raced from mud hut to mud hut with a warning that sounded like, “El are ah!” That’s “LRA,”... Read more
Oh Great, Now China’s Got a Stealth Bomber, Too?
via David Cenciotti Oh Great, Now China’s Got a Stealth Bomber, Too? Or maybe not. Who can even tell? The above images, dug up online by China aviation expert Andreas Rupprecht, are the first public glimpse of what could Beijing’s future stealth bomber. True, those are just plastic and... Read more
China’s Coming Drone Swarm
Wing Loong. Xinhua photo China’s Coming Drone Swarm Beijing is churning out new flying robots like crazy. But are they any good? There are only a few countries with the means and will to build swarms of drones. The United States is one of them. Then there’s China. And... Read more
The Drone Zone
Germany’s cancelled Euro hawk drone. Northrop Grumman photo The Drone Zone Tom Hart’s flying robot news for the week of June 5-12 Drones. Everybody’s worked up over drones. Whether it’s techno-utopians who revel in science-fiction-come-true, politicians keen to wage war sans body bags, slightly paranoid citizens up in arms... Read more
Damn, this Afghan Airstrip Practically Eats American Planes
a damaged C-130 at Forward Operating Base Shank in early June. Air Force photo Damn, this Afghan Airstrip Practically Eats American Planes $270 million in hardware gobbled up by a remote, high-altitude runway Afghanistan is just about the worst place in the world to wage a high-tech war. Rugged,... Read more
Unanswered Questions in NSA Disclosures
Mira Hotel lobby By WiNG , via Wikimedia Commons Unanswered Questions in NSA Disclosures Could the real problem be Edward Snowden? Over the weekend, the source of highly classified NSA documents provided to the Guardian and Washington Post outed himself in a video posted to the former’s website. Edward... Read more
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