Secret Russian Satellite Could Have Collided With Another Object
Cosmos-2491, -2499 and -2504 are three very strange Russian satellites. They dance. They change orbits. They get close to their leftover booster rockets and then move away again. In April, one may have collided with another object. But if so, the impact was soft enough to not cause any damage.... Read more
Syria’s Rebels Are Ready to Fight Russia
Syria’s civil war is anything but predictable. Russian air strikes have targeted the Islamic State’s bases in Aleppo and Raqqa governorates, but many others have pounded Hama, Homs, Idlib and Latakia governorates. In those latter areas, Islamic State has few fighters, but the Syrian opposition — including the Free Syrian Army... Read more
Zaslon — Russia’s Ultra-Secretive Special Ops in Syria
When it comes to wars, nations like to have insurance policies in case things go bad. Russia isn’t an exception. The Kremlin’s ground-attack planes in Syria are not there by themselves, but have cover from high-tech fighter jets in case anyone, namely the United States, tries to challenge the Russian air... Read more
U.S. Allies Say They’re Not Worried About Russian Warplanes
Officially, the United States and its allies aren’t too concerned by the appearance of Russian warplanes over Syria. On Sept. 30, the Kremin’s air force pounded targets in Syria for the first time. Despite serious concerns about a potential air-to-air confrontation, the Pentagon insisted it had no plans to change course.... Read more
Russia Bombs Rescuers in Syria
Russian warplanes began bombing rebels in Syria on Sept. 30. And on Oct. 3, an apparent Russian air raid in Idlib killed at least one volunteer rescuer from the White Helmets group. White Helmets described the bombing as a “double-tap.” In other words, one bomb exploded. And when the... Read more
Russia Says It’s No Problem Tracking America’s Space Plane
Russian army general Anatoly Nestechuk told radio station RSN that his troops have no difficulty keeping track of the U.S. Air Force’s secretive X-37B robotic space plane during its yearlong missions in low orbit. “It is for us the easiest task to look for the X-37B,” Nestechuk said. “It... Read more
Russia Can Now Spy on the F-22 Over Syria
Russia may be using its air campaign in Syria as an opportunity to gather intelligence on U.S. forces and gain operational experience on their latest hardware. Gathering information on the U.S. Air Force’s stealthy fifth-generation F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter is of particular interest to the Russian military. Nonetheless,... Read more
Russia Starts Bombing Syria, Tells Pentagon to Step Aside
Updated Sept. 30, 1:50 p.m. EST Russian warplanes are bombing targets in Syria. But despite a flood of reports to the contrary, Moscow insists the attacks will be limited and only target Islamic State. On Sept. 30, the upper house of the Duma – Russia’s parliament – approved Pres.... Read more
Smash Through Enemy Defenses With Russian Combat Robots!
In a far-off future war, an infantry platoon awaits a Russian assault. The defending soldiers are in a fortified position on elevated ground or a reverse slope. They’ve arranged machine guns and anti-tank weapons to kill anything that comes into view. They’ve dug into the ground to help them... Read more
The Big Thing the Russian Air Force Still Can’t Do
After two decades of neglect, the Russian air force is enjoying a petrodollar-funded renaissance. In 2010, the air force and naval aviation bought just 19 new fixed-wing airplanes. The number of new planes swelled to 24 in 2011, 35 in 2012, 51 a year later and a whopping 101... Read more